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    I'm hoping Norm gets to see a tournament win in his lifetime.
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    My Avatar is directly correlated to my wait for the tournament win.
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    2019-20 Husker opponents

    B1G-ACC challenge hosted by ESPN Omega House Nebraska, Penn St...I'd like you to meet Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Boston College, Pitt and Miami We've already met. Super! Then you'll have lots to talk about.
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    So we can celebrate?
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    I hope it happens while my dad is still alive. We have been going to games since year two of the “Bob”. I’d love to see a Nebraska vs Duke or UNC with him.
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    Erstad has stepped down

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    As easy as 1, 2, 3.
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    Why are we waiting until after?
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    I still remember sister Jane being a cheerleader at NU. ?
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    Hmmm, I thought you had said it was because you lost so much weight that you're now a skeleton..... ?
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    lol..yeah I think the University should open up the arena for a NCAA Watch party next time Nebraska makes it to the dance (and I have a good feeling we will win the next time we are there) and immediately after the victory they allow PBA to tap the kegs!
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    Part of me is sad I missed those the first time around......
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    I hope all of us that are currently of legal drinking age on this board get to see a tournament win in their lifetime.
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    I am hoping PapaCH gets to see a tournament win in his lifetime.
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    Handy, I love the optimism but lets let the new guy coach a game or two before we get to far ahead. Let's work our way into the Tier 2 ACC programs first.
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    Season ticket renewals

    Up a total of $250 ... to a total of $2200 or so for 4 tickets plus parking. $400 in donations and $1800 or so for the tickets, fees and parking. If I'm not mistaken they are charging $20 for the season ticket card this year (and all other options as well) which is an additional expense compared to prior years. I think I calculated about $31/ticket/game including donations. Very reasonable imho.
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    The Polish Rifle

    Erstad has stepped down

    Gonna be really interested to see who we hire. Read a lot of what the national guys said and still have no clue. If Childress says no, the two head coaches Heefner and Deggs would be awesome. Likewise Bolt and Thompson would be awesome if we went Asst coach. I like Deggs a lot, I think Nebraska would embrace him with arms wide open. Excited to see what Moos pulls off. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/coach-delivers-inspirational-speech-falling-short-college-world-series-194356450.html
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    I hope within 3-5 years we’re done with the middle of the road/bottom feeders. It might take a B1G Title or two...
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    Dead Dog Alley

    Haanif Cheatham is N - LOI

    As a senior Evan Taylor was 8 for 10 from three in November, 5 for 13 in December, and 3 for 13 in January/February/March.
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    And Moe started doing research in sound proofing.
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    Don't tell me. The Points are the hot twins that live next door...
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    Or listen via Apple Podcasts. This was a pretty standard Hoiberg media appearance. Nothing too earth-shattering. Although, at the end he was asked if Izzo went easy on Jack when Fred watched practice. He said no that Izzo "jumped up his ass" and it "was awesome". I LOL'd. The description: Fred Hoiberg is the head coach for the Nebraska Men's Basketball Team. Twitter: @CoachHoiberg 1:47 Hoiberg’s connection to Nebraska 6:49 Was UCLA the wrong fit? 13:21 What makes the switch from college to pros so hard 24:51 Adjusting to a players’ league 30:00 Relationship with Brad Stevens
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    Now we have a practice squad: Banton Easley Piatkowski Porter Walker
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    2019-20 Husker opponents

    I think the biggest factor in that will be how well we do on the court.
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    2019-20 Husker opponents

    Fascinating. The ticket offices were so confident in this being a home game they issued invoices accordingly. Now, they're pulling invoices down to adjust for one less home game. I still think this was the wrong year to increase prices.
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    Is it wrong that I am responding to this post only to make sure I am not the only one to notice the boobs in the background in this video?
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    2020 is a long ways away and there were... are.... over 800 transfers in college basketball alone this year. Let's let 2019 play out and go from there.
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    Being in the left lower quadrant has to be like NCAA Basketball's version of the Mendoza line.
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