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    2020 recruiting...

    Now if she would just commit.
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    A sincere apology

    This is by far the best time for Husker Basketball there has ever been. Yet upon reflection, I've been a dick on this board to people who don't deserve it. No excuses. Just wanted to apologize to people who I consider family. Except Massengill, from the filling out the staff thread. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and a Blessed Easter!
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    Thirteen years ago

    This made me very happy...and yes, I even teared up a bit. Good for Tiger, great for golf!
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    Thirteen years ago

    It's been fourteen years since Tiger won his 4th Green Jacket. Today, Eldrick Woods won his 5th Masters Tournament. Incredible, particularly so after 4 back surgeries in the past 6 years.
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    A sincere apology

    Family has different opinions some time. But I'm really glad this place exists.
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    I did my part tonight guys. Came down for the spring game and saw the team and welcomed doc back!!! So damn excited!!!
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    Fred Hoiberg

    The Mayor throwing the bones at the spring game today Nice.
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    Transfers watch

    Hoiberg already losing recruiting battles to South Dakota? #firefred Let me know if I have to include some sarcasm font or something.
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    If he hit the shot to win our first NCAA tourney game he would be the hoops equivalent of Matt Davison.
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