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    The OWH had a small article on Palmer and Watson in this morning's paper. It was one of six stories on Husker basketball. There were none on Husker football, even though the Spring Game is just a week away. Who'd have ever imagined...
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    That's just mean. You know full and well that some of the Creighton walkons are getting paid less than that.
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    Big 10 just lost to the MAC 21-19. Led most of the game but gave it away at the end. I don't think these teams have a "coach" but if they do the Big 10 one was an idiot. Happ was BY FAR the weakest player in this format and he was on the floor all but about 30 seconds. Other 3 rotated regularly. Pretty sure Watson was the high scorer. Murphy did well on offense but was lazy on defense. Happ was ridiculously inept both ways. Could not score and just got abused trying to guard guys away from the basket. Final bucket was the MAC spreading out and just let Happ's guy drive past him and beat him to the basket. If they would have just played the other 3 guys the Big 10 team would have won easily.
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    Ok, but he says they work on shooting technique every day. I know for a fact coaches we’ve had in the past more or less left it up to the players to work on their shots by getting extra reps before or after practice on their own, and didn’t spend time refining technique.
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    https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/ucla-is-conducting-the-dumbest-coaching-search-it-could-possibly-conduct/ Gary Parrish not pulling any punches.
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    This might be Erstad’s most complete team. They do everything well.
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    Yes, some may not realize that Graham was a real person who had only one at bat in the majors and later became a medical doctor. He didn't resemble Burt Lancaster though, having more of a "pencil-necked' appearance. And for those who are curious, my favorite Burt Lancaster roles in addition to Moonlight were Sgt. Warden in "From Here to Eternity" and the title role in "Elmer Gantry". (To my knowledge he never had a hidden connection to Nebraska sports, however, like Bruce Dern).
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    FIFY. He didn't even start for Iowa, but a player like Nicholas Baer would have been helpful. Other than Glynn, no one on the Big Ten squad was a consistent threat from deep.
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    2020 5-star C Xavier Foster

    not even to see iowa go nuclear? pretty please?
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    Filling Out a Staff.

    I would coach for an all access pass to the training table!
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