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    Thomas Allen to transfer

    Isaiah Roby, in particular, is really a salt-of-the-earth type of kid. He was extremely generous with his time and attention when my 11 year old and I attended the Nebrasketball Buddies at the Hendricks Training Center back in mid-Dec. The Nebrasketballers had just came back from beating Okie St. in Sioux Falls a couple days earlier, and the players could have bolted out the back-door if they so chose after the hubbub of the event that Tuesday night. Glynn and Zay were especially kind and helpful. They signed the memorabilia and took pictures like 2 pros -- I have no doubt in my mind that those 2 dudes are going places. They conducted themselves very, very well that night when they could have snuck out & no one would've been the wiser. And, of course, I had to have a lengthy conversation with Coach Miles and Greg Eaton, who conducts the Summer Camps. Both were more than gracious with their time, as was Coach Gates, who said he LOVED Lincoln--way better than Gainesville, FL (his words!). All in all, I have such fond memories of a couple hours of Nebrasketball Buddies. Credit to Miles & Co. -- they don't cut corners, even on a "fun night" with fans & young ballers !!!!
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    Post-Miles Press Conference

    Interesting... That seems quite the opposite sentiment from a handful of other vocal alumni.
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Soon someone’s going to change their name to AndBall on this board and say this is 100% a sure thing!
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    In the thread I posted the guy who is connected walked it back and said that Anderson did not visit with Nebraska like he first had suspected. So I don't think there really has been significant contact between the 2. But are we really acting like we're above Mike Anderson? He has won tournament games in all 3 of the programs he's lead, including a Sweet 16 at UAB, an Elite 8 at Missouri and 3 NCAA appearances in his last 5 years at Arkansas. He is a hero at Nebraska if he duplicates any of that at Nebraska and he's also a damn good person.
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Nolan Richardson may also be available . But at his age he can only promise 20 minutes of hell.
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    https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/sipple/steven-m-sipple-lue-expresses-interest-in-husker-job-but/article_5a7cd885-4669-5e3e-ab6f-ee2203c71852.html Those dreaded "sources" are saying one of our own is interested. Mr. Lue, please enter the discussion and have a seat at the table.
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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

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    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    Until we sign the next coach we're on Francon 2 around here.
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    The Polish Rifle

    Mike Anderson to Nebraska?

    I agree I'd rather have Hoiberg. But just weird to see a program whose never won a tourament game thumb their nose at a guy that blows away the resume of any coach we've ever hired.
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    Tim had his flaws. Big men, offensive scheme, & proper rotations were the main things imo. Tim also left this program far better than when he arrived. Not many Nebraska basketball coaches can say. He did benefit from new facilities, but he recruited his butt off and had the right personality to turn it around. If Nebraska becomes relevant under Hoiberg or whom ever, Tim & TO deserves credit for building the foundation.
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