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    The Polish Rifle

    Filling Out a Staff.

    Have you tried viagra??? Seems to help filling out a staff.
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    What is this about?

    He's bitching because he didn't think Miles treated him well. Has to do with the Arop deal, I would assume. It's in another thread around here, somewhere.
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    If it's that easy, then why hasn't it been done? (Yeah, I know the answer, but still.)
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    Fred Hoiberg

    Woj's sources come from the NBA, so I'm guessing that info is coming from the Hoiberg camp. The way it's worded makes me think it won't be announced or "finalized" until next week. Don't think Fred would want to overshadow his son's games this weekend. IMO opinion it's best for all parties (NU / Hoiberg family) to wait until next week anyway. Make it a story leading into Final Four weekend as opposed to getting drowned out by the games this weekend also eliminates the distraction for the younger Hoiberg while his games are being played.
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    Post-Miles Press Conference

    Interesting... That seems quite the opposite sentiment from a handful of other vocal alumni.
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    Damn. Fight back and win one tomorrow.
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    You mean the most “appreciative.”
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    That would be #44 Jerry West, the Logo! In my mind anyway.
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    NCAA Tournament thread

    Airball? He almost made it. That said, I didn't have an issue with the foul call.
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    NCAA Tournament thread

    Im a big fan of unless its egregious, you let it play out, the last 10 seconds are always physical. Yes he may of fouled but to let that call decide the game just sucks. Plus like many of the announcers said, letting the teams come off the floor while they take a millennia to review that out of bounds call needs to be changed, the 3rd ref should have both teams stand as far away from the coaches as possible. Im sad Tennessee lost, i know i should want the BIG10 to win....but i really really cant stand purdue
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