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    Hail Glynn Watson!

    Not sure I've ever felt worse for a guy than Glynn. Really good guy. This is painful.
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    Why are we talking about a coaching change when we are about to go on a 8 game winning streak to close the season? Mile's do it now problem isnt this year...it's next year. Plz put your energy elsewhere.
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    Huskers @ Michigan...

    But at the same time we did have to foul, to extend the game. so those numbers may be skewed some what.
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    Getting the thread going early today.
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    Hail Glynn Watson!

    I can not agree any more, HB. I fondly recall that Glynn made my 11 year old son's day by snapping a quick pic at the Nebrasketball Buddies function, right in the middle of this season (mid-Dec.). In fact, I remember Glynn telling the 250 kiddos that the team had Big Ten Tournament Championship aspirations as well as seeking the Final Four as their B1G Goal to 2019. It is highly important to set HUGE goals as a leader; so, rightfully, I felt fairly enamored with his leadership by example. Well, despite the latest unforeseen swoon, he's still a leader in my book, as Glynn's getting up shots when everyone else left the arena after that zip-for-10 night. I believe Watson's a baller, bottom line. And I have a huge amount of respect for a dude who stayed when all of his fellow ballyhooed FROSH class left. Go Glynn, let's get this [email protected]^& turned around (a la Roburt Sallie!). GBR !!!
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    Did Schestev have a major head injury, like in a motorcycle accident or something, and then move to Kearney? (Sorry to dig way back into the unfortunate history of Husker message boards there.)
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    You couldn’t go with a different score then the guy right above you. Now we have two people with Nebraska winning 66-61. With that being said.... Nebraska 66 Purdue 61
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    Totally get that it isn't basketball-specific, but it does seem like a weird policy, especially since it seems to be sort of randomly applied (Volleyball was allowed to work with him for the majority of their season, and does anyone really think that if Scott Frost wanted to have someone come in to talk to the football team, it wouldn't be permitted?). Maybe it doesn't make a difference at all, I don't know. But if it isn't costing anything, and the coach feels like it's worthwhile, and literally the same person has seen good results with other teams within the same department, I guess it seems like an odd policy to enact. If it flips even a single game outcome (and gives us a two or three or four game losing streak instead of the continuous slide as we bottom out), isn't that worth it? Again, not saying THIS is the reason we're losing. But the question was about support shown for the coaches by the administration, and this is one example of a place where there was a very easy opportunity to provide something the coach felt was useful (without adding a penny to the budget or a minute of time spent) and instead a random policy was enacted, thus denying said support.
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    We've been debating the same Steve Pederson Greatest Fans signs for years and in no way is that depressing
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    From CBS Chicago in 2013: Pierre Pierce performed unwanted sex acts on a female student at his apartment, covering her mouth when she tried to scream. He eventually plea-bargained to a charge of assault causing injury, later issuing a public apology for “inappropriate sexual contact with a fellow student.” Had Alford succeeded in his efforts to strong-arm the victim, it all would have evaporated. The disgusting ploy backfired, however, and only steeled her resolve to pursue criminal charges. Alford enlisted the help of close friend Jim Goodrich, the campus representative for Christian group Athletes in Action who often traveled with the team and conducted bible-study sessions. Per specific instruction from Alford, the victim was invited to what she was told was a “prayer meeting,” at which she was urged to back off and not cause problems for a basketball program that could overpower her. This could describe James Naismith and I would beg for someone else. If we have even a shred of decency we will stay far, far, far away from Steve Alford.
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