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    Who stays

    "Local Milk Delivery Man" is an occupation that no longer exists. I think your wife was lying to you.
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    The bandwagoners are getting off. The media is turning against the team. The expectations for this team have disappeared. Part of me wants to say "now when they least expect it, it's time to go on a run!" Another part of me is nostalgic knowing that only the diehard fans remain. Soon the threads dissecting how it's still possible get the 6th seed in the conference tourney. Either way, this is Nebrasketball. To all the tortured souls who have been on this 2 decade journey with me I salute you!
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    2017 C Luka Garza -> Iowa

    Considering the article listed in the link above from June 2016 didn't even mention us and the news of the no extension broke in August 2016, I think its safe to say he was gone.
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    Game Day Essentials: Game #22 vs Illinois

    Maybe. He was on his way to LA on Thursday. Omaha isn't usually a place where one connects though Chicago was closed due to the cold. I am to be reunited with my laptop tonight. If anyone gets there before me they can log in and gain control of the HHC. The password is mikegesell$basement
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    I also upvote and like this!
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    No expectations, this is Nebrasketball

    A letter from Brian Carr
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    No expectations, this is Nebrasketball

    hsker4life: I read your longer statement above and agree so much! Thank you for your post. " We have the horses, but the horses also have to want to run." "I just don't want to give up on this team quite yet. Why would you? This is the best team we have had in years." My brother recruited by Harry Good (only conference championship won by NU) and played for Jerry Bush as did I. (won't talk about those win/loss records!) Followed and been involved with all 8 coaches since that time. My only comment at this time as we go thru this unexpected pain coincides with hsker4life . Our biggest problem in our down efforts is desire and "want-to". I strongly believe that with the talent we have - if they all - each individually - had the constant "get after them" internal drive of Benny Parker we would probably be undefeated!! You may disagree - but I truly believe that. I like Tim - his coaching style - his personality - what he does to front the University. But he can do whatever he can to instill - encourage - demand that the boys have the all out inner desire and effort - but when it comes down to it - it has to be in the inner selves and the chemistry and combined determination of the team players themselves.
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    The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been Husker Basketball disappointments. We've done "If you build it" twice, and they still haven't come. This isn't a negative post. I just have no optimism left in me for this season. In an attempt to bring my optimism back, I want to give away a nice stash of Lucky Beef Jerky. Here's what I'll do: Whoever has the most upvotes on this thread will get a good supply of our jerky. The more games Nebraska wins, the more jerky the winner gets. If the Huskers don't win another game, 2 bags max. If they make the NCAA Tourney, 6 or 8. Win a game in the tourney, case for sure. Vote for your favorite post and help me get happy.
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    No expectations, this is Nebrasketball

    plus Ron Franz, Delvy Lewis, Al Lopes, and Walt Wesley (one of my old "Walt" collectin of avatars).
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    I'll admit I come here less after losses, not because I'm off the bandwagon. But because I don't need to see some of the extra negativity.