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    Caveat — i never used the word selfish. I consider selfish to mean intentional. I don’t think anyone is being intentionally selfish. I think it is normal youthful misunderstand of what it takes to have a successful team Every girl at this level was the star in high school (even more so than guys) so they all assume they have to shoot right away to impact the game because that was always their job growing up . It takes them a bit to learn that you defend, rebound, and value the ball your way in to more minutes as that earns trust. They will score in the flow if they will concentrate on the other stuff first.
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    My objection is that it wasn't consistent. Coffey and Murphy were pushing off on offense and bodying defensively and they got 5 fouls combined. Roby plays an athletic and graceful game and get 5 himself.
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    Can't blow double digit second half lead on the road regardless of the situation - those will haunt...
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    I almost have to put this on Miles. He rolled out the same defense on Coffee the entire game. I mean the last ten minutes he was there whole offense and it couldn’t have been any worse than it ended up.
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    And had Nebraska made some shots we win 15.
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    Red Don


    Whew, We pulled it Out! 59-52 Huskers. (I was afraid of a Blow-out by Kansas). (It was 41-34 at the end of 3. We were letting Kansas back into the game after a 14 pt lead in the third)
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    The hills are alive, with the sound of....gopher?
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    play a little stronger in the paint and on the boards and we should be okay.
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    Drill Sgt Underwood melting down beautifully on refs.
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    Nebraska wearing these in warmups