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    Navin R. Johnson

    Shim Shams

    Until it made Carl Reiner yell "cut" to late because his eyes were drawn to the option-grab and made him cockeyed. Those actors would still be alive today if not for that. Had to write a number of checks for "one dollar and nine cents" after that.
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    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Yes, but how many of those are Quadrant 1 wins?
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    Shim Shams

    Why did I click on this headline? Worse yet, why did I play the video 15 times?
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    Davison Done

    He will not be doing basketball broadcasts any more due to his new responsibilities. I, for one, will miss the snappy patter between Kent and Matt.
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    Shim Shams

    He's a fella that just put a check for TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BIG ONES in the bank! Well, he put 200 of the donuts in the bank, took the other 50 donuts in cash.... The opti-grab was a pretty good innovation.
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    Last year, Tanner Lee had twice as many tackles as Daishon Neal.
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    Navin R. Johnson

    Shim Shams

    Who is that good looking guy?
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    Red Don

    Shim Shams

    Holy Moly!
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    The Top 25 thread

    He might be a bit stiff but he would be good to dig up!
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    In state kids?

    Hail to the Spartans Stand up and fight Onward to victory! Spartans won't fall We conquer all. To win a victory! Proud are the Spartans Charge with your might Fight for the blue and white Lincoln East Spartans Lincoln East Spartans Victory is ours tonight. Fight, Fight Fight Fight Fight Blue and White
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