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    Watson article from Lee

    A lot of it had to do with the ridiculous job by Barry Collier and the NIT selection folks. Their ineptitude put us in a situation on the road against a good team that we never should have been in.
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    Why Recruiting Small Cities Pays Off

    I read a really compelling article on the BBC today. The most interesting part was this little nugget: "Consider an American and Canadian study that analysed where 2,240 professional athletes from the National Hockey League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and the Professional Golfers’ Association grew up and when they were born. In each case, the researchers found that the professional players were far more likely to come from relatively small cities – where they could have a better chance of rising to the top of a smaller league – rather than bigger cities. Around half the US population come from cities with fewer than 500,000 people, for instance, yet the researchers found that these cities provided a whopping 87% of all NHL players, with similar figures for the MLB and PGA. That’s a huge over-representation. The NBA was slightly more balanced, but not by much: overall, 71% of the players came from those smaller cities – over 20% more than you would expect from chance alone." Wow. Just wow. Statistically speaking, that means that half the county (small cities and towns) will produce 71% of NBA talent, while the other half (large cities) will only produce 29%. It makes me wonder if anyone has ever employed a strategy of solely recruiting non-city kids since they're apparently much more likely to turn into an NBA-caliber player. Miles likes analytics, I wonder if he's seen this data and, if so, if he's at all based his recruiting strategy around it. Full article here: http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20180703-why-it-pays-to-be-a-big-fish-in-a-small-pond
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    2018-19 Roster Player Rankings

    I had a hard time putting either any higher, for different reasons. Dachon will definitely have an impact but he can only do so much from the scout team/bench. So i thought just behind the rotational players was a fair placement. For Karrington Davis, he is just a bit of a mystery. With the injury, lack of playing time his senior year of high school, and academic issues i have no idea what his impact will be. The highest I would have slotted him was 12.
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    Player Power Rankings

    1. Roby will be our poster child for the next tier of recruiting as he will likely log meaningful minutes in the NBA. He'll end a, what, 20 year drought? 2. I picked Tai because he can answer questions about 4-year player development under TM. Hopefully GWIII will finish with a great season--I will say his defense has definitely improved each season. 3. Terran provided the blueprint for unbelievable transfer success here. This has been amazingly important.
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    Man, Gates is making his presence felt like right now.
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    18-19 depth

    If the Prep school was the issue, then the four or five other studs on that team would seemingly be affected as well. I am wondering if his injury played a role. Oh well, a redshirt year for both Brady and him may be for the best regardless. It will be interesting watch all this play out.
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    Player Power Rankings

    Its a good discusssion post. The players in the top 10 seem right. But i think there are some glaring misrankings with the rest imo. Conk's post above me is one. Another glaring one is why is Duby so much higher than say David Rivers. Duby was a one year rental that was on the bench more than the court. David Rivers was a multiyear starter for a tournament team and put up better stats.
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    Well... the GOAT would still be Earvin Johnson.
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    Absolutely nothing does more for me then beating Iowa. Especially the pounding we gave them last year at their place in front of a huge home crowd. GBR
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    Two things: Sports Illustrated did a great article on Jordan's high school coach. It did not end well for him due to a mental illness. The real story was Jordan did not get cut from the team his sophomore year. The varsity had made it to state the year before and had 8 guards coming back include Michael's older brother. There was one slot left on a varsity that had 10 seniors on the team and the coach went with another 6'7 sophomore because the team had no one else taller than 6'3. That player went on to play professionally in Europe so he was no slouch. The coach felt that a 5'10, physically weak at the time Michael wouldn't get off the bench and it would do him more good to get lots of playing time on the JV where he ended up having a great season. The article is definitely worth the read if you have the time: https://www.si.com/vault/2012/01/16/106149626/did-this-man-really-cut-michael-jordan Second, I realize soccer seems to push some people's buttons on this board but they have addressed the early birthday issue for some time now. The national team's feeder system is the state Olympic Development Program teams from each state. Their research showed the same thing about the early birthdays dominating team selection and they felt they were missing out on some very skilled players that just weren't as physically developed yet. They went to creating two teams per state. An older team with birthdays Jan-June and a younger team made up of players with birthdays July-December. In this way, they are giving those younger players the same opportunity as the older, more physical at this time players. They are now going one step further. I'm not sure how it works but they are piloting a new system starting in California and then planning to go nation-wide. They still have teams designated Under 10, Under 11, etc. but through some scientific measurements, they are no longer using chronological age but are determining biological age. So everyone in that division whether they be 10, 11, 12 or whatever age will be of the same physical maturity and the true "best" players will be allowed to shine through. It would obviously be more effort than going with a chronological age but I applaud the effort to bring out the best players.