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    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Shields and Webster are playing against each other on ESPN 3 right now.
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    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I like that kid.
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    Norm Peterson

    Successful Season

    That's an excellent point. Kinda says something about the perspective of where some people are coming from. "I'm a real Miles fan and support him completely, but unless he reels off the best season in program history, I'm done." That kind of thinking baffles me. But if you remind some of these guys that we don't exactly have a blue blood history and hiring a new coach hasn't proven to be a panacea in the past, they tell you that's a losers mentality and you're just satisfied with losing. Sigh.
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    Successful Season

    Disagree. Copeland and Palmer will not likely make the NBA. I will obviously pull for them, but it’s unlikely they make the incremental improvements they would need to as year-5 seniors. It’s the most talent we’ve had in 20 years, and I’m hoping for big things! ...But it’s not near the most talent we’ve ever had.
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    Dean Smith

    Successful Season

    And... I think 5 on 5 all three of those teams have more talent than this years team. Maybe (I hope) time will show that this coming year's team was the best ever, but again I think you might be setting expectations a little high and under-appreciating the level of Tony Farmer, Rich King and Verson Hamilton
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    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    https://247sports.com/college/illinois/ContentGallery/Early-Big-Ten-Basketball-2018-19-Power-Rankings-118884374/#118884374_10 #4 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Dean Smith

    18-19 depth

    I wish for the best for all Huskers but Kaminsky was the 9th overall pick in the NBA draft. To even mention Frank Kaminsky in this conversation is really unfair to Heiman by setting standards that he cannot hope to meet. He can have a hugely successful career here and not touch Kaminsky which I think is the best case scenario for him.
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    This is Why I Don't Like Adidas...

    Say what you want about Adidas but coach's polo is straight [emoji91][emoji91] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk