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    I expect some improvement regarding turnovers. The addition of Haiby and Hudson should keep our points fresh. If we can move, as a team, from a negative turnover ration, to a positive ratio, simple math, the offensive output increases. Looking forward to the new season. Carly Simon's "Anticipation", might be my summer theme song. GBR
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    Akoy Agau

    Jordy defends well. His offensive shortcomings hopefully have related to his lack of experience and his lack of confidence. It seems some big men do not find their mojo until their junior and senior seasons. Hopefully that will be the case with Jordy...and Isiaih. By the way, has anyone heard where things stand with Haas? I am sort of surprised I have not heard where he has landed.
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    Norm Peterson

    Akoy Agau

    Agreed 100%. I think he has the potential. It's just someone showing him the right way to do things and then just repetition from there.
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    Dean Smith

    Akoy Agau

    No, what I meant to say is I hope Jordy shows the ambition and consistency to develops a consistent post game.
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    Leigha Brown is 'N'