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    NBA Playoffs

    I gave aphilso and Huskerpapa up arrows because I also respect the skills of players in the NBA ( James and Durant are two of the best I have ever seen and good guys to boot) but find the NBA teams to be incredibly boring to watch. Get a matchup, drive , take three steps, get fouled and perhaps have it called, kick out and shoot a three (usually made), then go to the other end and see the same thing. Anyone who watched Cousey, Russell, Magic, Bird,etc. perform can appreciate the dramatic flair which has left the NBA building.
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    NBA Playoffs

    In my opinion, college hoops is 10x harder to watch and a much uglier game. Aside from Nebrasketball and March Madness, i watch zero. But can watch NBA all day. But to each his own.
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    NBA Playoffs

    So, hot take from a guy who was a casual NBA fan and is getting closer to just not caring at all anymore: The Warriors are ruining the league. It's not entirely their fault, but as a generality I blame them for why me and lots of people like me are walking away from the NBA. 1. They've worn out their welcome. Most casual fans only find dynasties interesting when it's a Goliath (Lakers, Yankees, Alabama, Barcelona soccer, etc) that can be toppled by either a) David or b) another Goliath. It's not their fault that they're a small-ish market team with no history, but I know a LOT of people that didn't watch the Finals but would have if it had been the Lakers or Celtics going for their third title in four years. Parity would be even better. 2. Style of play. This is purely subjective, but the Splash Brothers style of offense is incredibly boring to watch. I'm a young guy (31), but hate the new style of play that has overtaken the league. It was interesting when it was only a handful of teams doing it, because it allowed for some interesting clashes of styles. But now that most NBA games just feel like a 3 point shooting contest (ugh...), I've literally stopped watching all NBA games other than playoffs. And again, I know a bunch of people with the same opinion. 3. Increased viewership of other sports, specifically soccer. This is happening at a time when it's easier than ever before to order your sports programming a la carte via streaming subscriptions. No longer are the days of quasi-monopolies where a sports league can be the only show for a season. So if the NBA is boring, I can subscribe to MLS (which is the fastest growing professional sports league in America, BTW) or any number of international soccer leagues. English Premier League, for example, runs on close to the same calendar as NBA/NHL. As it is, I'd rather watch a regular season MLB, MLS, Premier League, or Bundesliga game over a regular season NBA game. But it's getting to where I'd rather watch a regular season game in one of those leagues rather than a playoff game in the NBA. The style of play is unappealing, and the outcome is not in doubt. So why watch?
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    NBA Playoffs

    I was standing courtside in the student section for that game. I remember walking away and saying KD would never make it in the NBA In fairness, I didn't anticipate him creating the template as the ultimate lanky 6'10" SG/wing. I figured he'd need to bulk up and play PF, and knew he was too soft of a player to do that. So I was kind of right in way...he DIDN'T make it in the league as a PF...because the league evolved and no longer really even has many traditional PF anymore...
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    NBA Playoffs

    People tend to forget the NBA dominance displayed by the Boston Celtics from 1957 through 1970. They won 11 championships. ELEVEN. They had the dominant team, with some exceptional players and coaches (Auerbach, Russell, Howell, KC and Sam Jones, Nelson, Havelacek, Cousy, Heinsohn and others) but you could argue that they did not have the very best players. That said, they were and are the prototypical super team. Perhaps the best team EVER put together. And they put together the team through draft and trades. So the way it occurs today may be a bit different, but the appearance of super teams have been with us for decades or perhaps a century. One word, Yankees.
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    Leigha Brown is 'N'

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    The Polish Rifle

    2018 Husker Baseball

    Also, since it hasn't been mentioned here - UNK (baseball program cut - sucks) transfer Ty Roseberry will be at Nebraska next season. Hit .332 with 15 bombs for UNK - should compete for playing time.
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    The Polish Rifle

    NBA Playoffs

    Is this the same though? What I disliked about it is he went from a very good team, his team, where he was alpha - to one of the best teams of all time, Stephs team. So a better comparison to me would be Frost leaving UCF to be associate head coach at Bama just to collect some hardware. And yes I’m bitter, I love the Finals, but when one of the GOATs goes for 50-10-10 and his team still loses - it just goes to show how big the talent gap is between the warriors and the rest of the league.
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    NBA Playoffs

    KD’s a coward in my humble opinion.
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    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Ubel tore his ACL btw.