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    Huskers in the Pros Thread

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    NBA Playoffs

    Decision 1 was bad PR with good intentions. LBJ raised $1.5 million for poor kids that night soley because he chose to broadcast. I doubt he regrets doing it as much as some might think. Decision 2 will probably be done quietly. Rockets.
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    NBA Playoffs

    Let me clarify, i do not like KD as a competitor/athlete. Big fan of his MVP speech (youtube it if you havent seen it) from a few years back. And i know he did alot of charitable stuff back in OKC, especially during that disastrous tornado. Im sure he is a fine human being, but as an NBA fan and consumer I do not like KD the basketball player. That is all my dislike applies to.
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    NBA Playoffs

    I think your point is a fair one. I don't dislike Kevin Durant personally (I don't know any athlete well enough to make that claim either way), but when one changes jobs, there are monetary and opportunity costs. KD's move meant 1.) less money 2.) less respect and 3.) more rings. He personally found 3 more important than 1 and 2 combined, and that's totally his prerogative. It was a gamble that really only resulted in a lateral move for his legacy, no matter how many rings he gets with that squad. He never did enough in the playoffs with OKC to garner Lebron-level respect. What's interesting now is that, by going back to Cleveland and beating what was statistically the greatest team ever at the time completely vaulted Lebron into GOAT conversations--something Durant basically gave up by joining the team that beat him/was already on the verge of a dynasty. However, now that Lebron has vaulted himself into legit GOAT talk, he has also shown on the court that he has done everything a human could possibly do in Cleveland's awful organization. To get to the point that most fans would point to him as the GOAT, he needs to finish with at least three more rings. The best thing that could've possibly happened to Lebron this season was for the Rockets to lose to GS in 7. Joining them isn't joining the bad guys, but actually joining the underdog in the west in attempt to slay the Warriors, and I think KD and co's dynasty is about to be over quickly. The Rockets would be Lebron's best team ever--certainly offensively--and they have the blueprint to beat GS every year with him on the roster. This is only going to separate Bron from KD even more. Everyone knows if Lebron gets a supporting cast that equals anything close GSW it's over with.
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    The Polish Rifle

    NBA Playoffs

    Is this the same though? What I disliked about it is he went from a very good team, his team, where he was alpha - to one of the best teams of all time, Stephs team. So a better comparison to me would be Frost leaving UCF to be associate head coach at Bama just to collect some hardware. And yes I’m bitter, I love the Finals, but when one of the GOATs goes for 50-10-10 and his team still loses - it just goes to show how big the talent gap is between the warriors and the rest of the league.
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    Athletic Department shake up

    Speaking of athletic department folks: Eichorst to Texas as an assistant AD! Couldn't happen to a nicer program. Hook 'em!
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    Handy Johnson

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    LOVE that Ubel kid, he was on the team that beat the Golden Gophers in the last ever game played at the Devaney...
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    The Knobbe's have a lot of pull....
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    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Isn't that what they did prior to 1975? And what we were left with, at times, were either far superior teams being left out of the tournament because of one slip up during the season or some good teams never being given a shot because they were playing in a conference that had a dominant team like Kansas who would take that region nearly every single year.
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    Mixed Blessing? Lunchtime musing

    That's not true either. They did accomplish something. I know the end result wasn't what we'd have liked, but they did do things that don't happen around here very often. Don't discount that. It shouldn't be taken for granted.