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    Yeah, my choice was between McGee and Kellogg. I went with the other traitor. At least he sent his son to save the world from evil (Northwestern) via (Hail) Mary.
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    It was but the whole town got involved between the setting up and the windmills they sold and donations for different stuff. Was really a neat deal even though I didn't attend. My old boss erv (if you know the area, you'll know who it was) had people out there helping for sure and we werent alone.
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    Mike McGee played in the late 70's at Omaha North. The dude was the best I had seen to that date. He went on to play college ball at Michigan and was then a first round choice to the Lakers.
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    I believe most everything was out at Harry's place but I could be wrong. I think they find host farms in different parts of the state so it's not only just in the east, or just in the north, or whatever. The event was held on an acreage outside of Hebron. If the host couple had owned land a couple of miles north the event town would have been Bruning.
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    You know why cattlemen have bigger balls than ranchers? They sell more tickets.
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    NBA Playoffs

    Perhaps I would rate him a bit higher if he could shoot free throws and had a bit more of an offensive arsenal. He really is a lot like Wilt, but he is more athletic than Wilt. But then again, Wilt was pretty athletic when he was younger...and he is the only player ever to score over 100 points, in one game; and average over 40 points for a season, and over 50 points a season, and win seven scoring and eleven rebounding titles. And oh yeah, he is the only player to average 30+ points and 20+ rebounds a season...and oh yeah, he did that seven times. He also lead the league in assists once. And to top all of that, he claims to have [ahem] "slept" with 20,000+ women. It is hard to believe any of the above is true.
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    2018 College World Series

    LSU and Mississippi State are the only SEC teams I root for to make it to Omaha just because of their great fan bases who come to party at the tailgates. Give me MSU with at least one of Tennessee Tech or Stetson to mix it up a little this year.
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    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I love throwback idea of simply coming up with a formula that will weigh exactly how good or bad a win or loss is instead of some arbitrary range. If this were done and was based on a combination of metrics there would be less ways for the committee to confuse themselves, which is what happened last year. They wanted to go away from rpi but developed a quadrant system that put more weight on it than before, and they got too caught up in it. Bilas is smart(even if not as smart as he thinks) and he flat out said that this quadrant system is silly in many occasions and that it doesn’t make any sense. Why? Because it uses rpi, which doesn’t make any sense.
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    2018-19 Husker opponents

    When Miles was taking to Gaskins on the radio he said that Nebraska's last 3 opponents would be determined by the strength of the team in the B1G-ACC challenge. Considering we did draw a "top 25" team, we will see lesser opponents than what we might have seen facing someone like Boston College.
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    2018 Husker Baseball

    Where to start… Recruiting overall – The talent level on this team simply isn’t high enough. Sure, we have 2 or 3 guys who will be drafted high in a couple of weeks, but the talent level falls way off after that. I believe in this staff’s 2nd or 3rd year they had a handful of high level recruits signed, but they chose to turn professional. Since then, NU has shied away from going after those players, not wanting to be burned again by the draft. You just can’t do that – you have to try, that’s just the nature of college baseball. Recruiting in-state – NU’s in-state recruiting has been awful the past few years. Just awful. You look at the number of in-state kids they’ve given scholarship money to who are non-contributors (and have been for multiple seasons), it’s almost criminal … especially when you think about how many Nebraska kids are having success elsewhere. Among NU’s returning in-state players for 2019, you could argue that Hagge is the best of the bunch, and they didn’t deem him worthy of a scholarship out of high school, so technically they whiffed on him too. Miss after miss after miss on in-state kids. NU has a nice crop of in-state kids coming in next season, so hopefully they can turn this around, but some of the stories you hear about Silva and many Omaha coaches not getting along doesn’t make me hopeful. Pitching injuries – Something isn’t right here. I don’t quite know what’s happening, but NU’s serious arm injuries numbers the past few years are staggering. It has to be more than just bad luck. This problem is going to start hurting NU on the recruiting trail … if it hasn’t already. Then you have the added factor of NU’s guys coming back from injury struggling to stay healthy or just not rebounding as quickly as expected, Hohensee probably being the exception, and you end up with the mess that you had on the mound in 2018. Friday night starter – For whatever reason, this NU staff has not been interested in giving extra scholarship money to a top flight pitcher to put that dominant Friday night guy out there. Perhaps Silva believes he can develop Friday night worthy starters? It isn’t working. Relying on an extremely inexperienced pitcher like Alvarado as your Friday night guy was a dangerous plan in 2018, and put a lot of pressure on him. Then NU had no backup plan, and the starting rotation was a disaster much of the season. In college baseball, it all starts with that Friday night guy having success and everyone else feeding off him. NU needs a new thought process here. 2018 – The above problems are nothing new, but NU was able to win at a relatively high level the past couple of years, and this staff deserves credit for gaining the most from what they had on the roster in 2016 and 2017. But to win at that high level with so little talent and with no dominant Friday night guy in college baseball, you have to do almost everything else right. NU has been really good in the late innings on the mound the past few years, excelled on defense, and did a decent job moving runners. In 2018, the pitching injuries decimated NU’s mid-level bullpen, making it tougher to hold leads. Then the starting pitching collapsed, and NU was constantly playing from behind. The defense was atrocious most of the season. And NU’s ability to move runners and batting average with runners in scoring position was horrible much of the season. NU did not have anywhere near enough talent on the roster to overcome all of this crashing down at once and even have the bare minimum success level in a season of making the Big Ten Tourney. 2019 – It’s hard to imagine this getting much better next season. NU loses its 2 best hitters by a mile (assuming Wilkening turns pro) and its best pitcher in Hohensee. Some guys are going to have to take huge steps forward, which could happen – Wilkening certainly did it in 2018. The Waldron twins also made some nice strides in 2018. Otherwise, you’re relying on a lot of freshman arms, who typically have not excelled under this staff; guys coming off serious injuries, which did not work well in 2018; and hitters who did not do much to impress in 2018. Plus the Big Ten the past several seasons has been dominated by teams with older players, so relying on a bunch of freshman has not been a recipe for success. Perhaps the staff can get the defense fixed and avoid the arm injuries in 2019, which would help quite a bit to avoid missing the Big Ten Tourney. But this program is a long way away talent wise from being a team that competes to host regionals. I really hate to see this going on, as I’m a big Erstad fan and want him to have success. But I really think the team could use a fresh perspective on the recruiting trail at the bare minimum. And they absolutely have to get this pitching injury issue figured out. The coaches, to their credit, have been very careful about pitch counts and holding guys back when they aren’t feeling right, so it has to be something on the training end. It's going to be one of the strangest sporting events in this state’s history this week with the Big Ten Tourney in Omaha and no NU playing. That can never happen again.