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    Contract Extensions

    And I get that. But why not give us the best opportunity to succeed? It’s like making one basketball team shoot on a 18 foot hoop while the other does 12. One football team has to go 140 yards instead of 100. One baseball team has to run 5 bases to score instead of 3. When you could very easily even the playing field and give your team the best chance to succeed.
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    Contract Extensions

    I don’t think the disadvantage is that great. I really don’t. I think coaches believe it’s a big deal, and that belief affects things, but I’ve covered football recruiting for a long time. Coach’s contract lengths haven’t come up. Kids don’t think like coaches.
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    Navin R. Johnson


    We could really use a strong showing by the Big Ten early in the year. (a back to normal type of Big Ten)
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    Handy Johnson


    Would be nice to continue scheduling some home/home with our old Big 8 rivals. Maybe a K-St, Oklahoma or Colorado... and what about UNO on a regular basis? Seems like a natural fit.
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    Collier, Sadler or Miles

    A comment on in-bounds plays: - I saw a lot, and I mean A TON of teams use very similar action on inbounds play in college basketball, including at some very good programs. It's a safe play that very rarely gets screwed up. - I have seen NU have quite a bit of success on the secondary action off that basic in-bound play. What I guess I'm saying is I think Miles and NU gets a bad wrap here and my thinking has evolved a bit on this. I guess that was two comments...
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    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Saying it again.....but really like what she has shown this year. Has a complete game. It will bode well for her coming into the college game. It's not predictable how she'll do....but....her game will fit in real well with Coach Amy's schemes. When she adjusts for the speed of the college game...and I think she will quickly ....look out fans.
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    Nebrasketball: Our Brand

    I'd have to chew on the national brand. Locally, I think it's pretty straightforward: Fans will continue to show up to PBA if the team wins, regardless of the politics around it, because it's a big-ticket event, people like the PBA and the Haymarket is a fun place to go. Fans have even turned out in losing seasons. Until that changes, the brand is "If Nebrasketball is playing, people will come." Like, even if fans aren't thrilled with the contract length - and I don't think all fans care about that - they're still going to show up, out of loyalty or habit.
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    Next Assistant Coach

    I haven’t put my application in yet so no need to worry
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    Next Assistant Coach

    Hiring someone without a job is a pretty good strategy