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    This isn't twitter or Rivals; don't bully people.
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    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    I want to throw this question out here because I want to see if I am the only one that is wondering this? And heck I haven't been down arrowed or gotten into it with anybody in a long time, and the weather sucks and I don't real feel that great so maybe I am just a bit testy right now. Anyhue, I don't want to throw a high school senior under the bus ( but it might seem like it) but why hasn't anybody questioned X-Man not having a bigger commitement to us than just with a single assistant coach? We talk about all the positives that we feel this school and program has: New age workout facilities, beautiful new arena, sold out crowds, a very good education awaiting, all the help one would need to get that education, playing time, power 5 conference, chance to help change a program, top of the line weight rooms, food services... the list goes on and he bails within 24 hours of an assistant coach leaving. So he was only coming here because of Kenya. I don't know it just kind of sounds so shallow to me. And yes that is just my opinion. I do work with kids all day everyday so I do know how they have changed over the years, I just feel that most kids that I know or have taught would pick a school for more than just an assistant coach. You know like a coach and the school mascot. Or that they have soft serve ice cream at lunch and dinner and it is all you can eat. And yes I know it is all about relationships now, that is how I teach, but it still just seems very shallow.
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    Yet Another Contest Thread

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    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    So which stage of grief are we in now? Seems a little like bargaining. Good - things are progressing along nicely.
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    My perception

    Have you thought about starting a thread bemoaning the optimism?
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    2018 F Ed Chang (Papillion-LaVista)

    What is the significance of this?
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    Yet Another Contest Thread

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    so Your saying there’s a chance.
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    The problem is that it doesn’t have to be a “support one over the other”. I can be a fan of Moos and still believe that he’s handled this poorly. Part of the job as an AD is to do what it takes to support your team, help them win games and achieve success. On the surface, I don’t know how anyone can say that what’s going on right now is doing those things.