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    Handy Johnson

    The Big 10

    Can we please still laugh about Iowa? I'll grant you the rest...
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    big red22

    Big Ten + Bile

    According to the other metrics outside of the RPI # of Top 100 teams per conference Massey Rating System: (9) 6 teams in the Top 50 and 3 more in the Top100 - Nebraska 37 Team Rankings: (N/A) Site information is gone, they had 10 teams from the Big 10 in the Top 100 last I checked - Nebraska 63 Kenpom: (11) 6 teams in the Top 50 and 5 more in the Top 100 - Nebraska 57 BPI: (12) 6 teams in the Top 50 and 6 more in the Top 100 - Nebraska 63 SOR: (10) 5 teams in the Top 50 and 5 more in the Top 100 - Nebraska 31 You know what! I am sick of proving how shitty the RPI is. You are a 1000% correct,and it should be tossed out the window next year!
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    Big Ten + Bile

    OK, then let's lace up our bowling shoes and settle the question of who rightfully belongs in this league once and for all... on the lanes.
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    The Big 10

    I'd say a chortle or two at our neighbors to the east is certainly called for....
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    The Big 10

    You're right — it's not about scheduling. It's about performance and perception of the importance of the non-conference schedule. Sure, we all would have loved to have beaten St. John's, UCF and Creighton on the road, or Kansas at home. But even as we went 0-4 in those games, at least my perception was "OK. So no signature wins, but no stumbles either. Perform in conference games, and we're in." Then as we continued to excel (mostly) in the B1G, it started to become clearer that our non-conference losses would matter. A lot. But it wasn't until last night and the ultimate revelation of the NIT bracket that we should have considered each of those four early losses as having been critical to our post-season chances. At the time of the games, I thought: St. John's loss: Bad matchup from the start, and this team is just starting to play together. No big deal. UCF loss: Tough start doomed us, but at least we'll pick up a couple of victories to give these guys some confidence. Creighton loss: We were there at the end, and could have won if we'd gotten a couple of calls. Creighton's a top 25 team, so this close loss may actually help. Kansas loss: Damn, that was a tough one. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Either way, another top 25 game will help our RPI and SOS, right? What I should have thought: St. John's loss: Damn. I hope St. John's doesn't suffer any debilitating injuries going forward. This one could really hurt if St. John's doesn't finish in the upper half of the Big East. UCF loss: Killer. Needed to win one even if it means two losses over the next two games. UCF is good, but if they lose Fall, they fall. Creighton loss: Crap. It'd be just like Creighton to fall apart down the stretch and lose games they shouldn't, hurting us as well. We HAVE TO BEAT KANSAS. Kansas loss: That's it. We now pretty much have to go 18-1 the rest of the way to make the tournament. The Big One that got away. Next year, every game is gonna have to be, in the words of Joe Biden, "a big f*ckin' deal."
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    The Polish Rifle

    New Rules for the NIT

    12 19+ win power 5 schools in the NIT this year - Including Louisville (2015 Elite 8), Oregon (2017 Final 4), Baylor (2017 Sweet 16), Notre Dame (2016 Elite 8), Utah (2015 Sweet 16). Now that the initial sting is gone for me, I am kind of excited for this - could be extremely valuable experience for next year against teams that are proven in March.
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    Big Ten + Bile

    At may age, it's a positive start today day when I wake up and am on the right side of the grass.
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    ASU pregame chatter

    Certainly would be interesting to find out how well we do. A good place to display our program for recruiting purposes with this draw.
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    The Polish Rifle

    The Big 10

    Good stats and points. It's absolutely the most Nebrasketball thing ever, that this down year lined up with Nebraska's best team in 2 decades.
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    knee jerk reaction

    As long as the Quad system is still around next year.....