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    Guys I apologize for being a bit

    My nba team and.college team have the same # of wins
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    Congrats everyone!! Good win over a good well coached team.
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    I have been thinking it for a while. It sucks that we play Creighton early in the year because Miles teams get better as the year goes on and McDermotts get worse. Same thing with the challenges, teams are different in February than they are in November or December. Conference rpis are locked in one conference play starts and that shouldn't be the case. Remember bracket Busters? I would love if the big East or ACC challenge was a like vs like determined the week before. i.e. Acc 1 plays B1G 1.
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    Guys I apologize for being a bit

    yes, which is precisely why OSU will get it.
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    I love this team. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
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    GAME!!! WOo hoo!!!!! The streak goes on. tip of the hat to Maryland. What an amazing job by the Terps. They're gonna beat some folks the rest of the way.
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    solid time for a 4 min fg drought.
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    Damn Watson, get ur MOJO back.
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    Every minute here is crucial... drawing fouls, turnovers, rebounding, and scoring. Not sure if I want to speed it up as my instinct tells me, that would make sense against Maryland's weaknesses, but at the same time we can't get sloppy. I've noticed JPJ pulling it out to slow it down. I hope we can pull this out, I'm sweating bullets here.