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    Favorite Nebrasketball Moments

    @Cookie Miller Wasn't Dirty I still don't think Gottlieb has apologized
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    Additionally, Lunardi has us on his radar tonight. However, notice that he didn't say we would be in his field with a win, only that we would remain "in the hunt". I think we have the formula down from the previous five games that is going to ultimately get us in the tournament. Win, Rinse, Repeat!
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    Free Throws/ Runzas

    One thing I’ve felt like the crowd has not been very good at doing this year is distraction during free throws. I felt like when we made our tournament run the crowd did a great job of this and it really hurt our opponents. Even the students don’t get into it. But I have the solution! I am a big Philadelphia 76ers fan and they have a deal where if the opposing team misses two free throws all the fans get a free frosty. Even the pro fans which hardly ever really get into games during the regular season get really into it. They even hand out frosty signs to get use as an in game advertisement. Its really fun for the fans, helps the team, and is a really great advertisement. I think Runza or Goodcents need to make this happen. It would benefit everybody.
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    Well, actually, he just got the call to join the Atlanta Hawks.... he's considered a two-way player as he had been with their G-League team (he can go up & down between the 'G' & NBA).
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    Free Throws/ Runzas

    Good. (That's all I got.)
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    Free Throws/ Runzas

    You had me at Runza
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    Ah, you're right, I read it wrong. Still should play with a chip on our shoulders. How about, only 3 point favorites?! We'll show them, lets smoke'em by 20!
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    New desktop background!!
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    So, "They" think there's a better chance that we lose out than that we win out? With 3 out of 4 remaining games at home and the only road game against a team at the bottom of league standings? Tells me the computers still believe they were right about us at the outset of the season and that we've been overachieving this whole time. The computers are wrong. One thing that concerns me is our expected RPI if we lose even one game. Puts us lower than where we are today. But winning out puts us squarely on the right side of the bubble.