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    I've Seen That Game Before

    Throughout the Minnesota game I kept having déjà vu. My mind went back to countless moments (during the Collier and Sadler eras in particular) when our under-manned, out-talented team would try to scratch and claw its way to a victory over a vastly more talented opponent. I remember being exasperated in the bleachers at the Devaney, wondering how we were the only team that seemed to never be able to buy a call at home. I’ve seen that game in person no less than 50 times. But now I’ve finally seen it from the other side—through the lens of a fan of the talented road team. As the can’t-catch-a-break home team fan, that game feels like highway robbery. I’m sure the Gopher faithful left that game thinking the game was called unfairly (and at home no less!). Many of them likely uttered some variation of “Man, if only the calls went both ways, we totally would have won.” But as a fan of the athletic and talented road team, watching from the comfort of my couch, I finally have come to appreciate just how tough it is to officiate that game fairly. Because the reality is you can’t “call it both ways.” Why? Because the teams aren’t committing the same types of fouls. Our team was quicker. More explosive. Proactive. And when there was contact, it was usually because our guys had put themselves in position to make a play and they did. The result is that the refs didn’t blow their whistle on anticipation fouls. Or in other words, they assumed our guys were athletic enough to make a clean play on the ball, unless their eyes told them otherwise. A perfect example of this is when Copeland went straight up to misdirect the final shot of the game, the Gopher guard jumped into him and crashed hard to the ground, and the fans went bananas on the no-call. The Gopher players, on the other hand, were largely reactionary. They were a step behind. Not as quick. That makes it much easier for a ref to anticipate contact and know that the defender is going to be late, and the contact worthy of a foul. And generally speaking they were right. The Roby fastbreak foul (when Pitino got his technical) was a microcosm of how the entire game was officiated. On that play a Gopher defender clearly clipped Roby’s arm. It was a foul, no question. But as a Gopher fan all you see is a bang-bang play that got called against your team. The reality is that the Gopher defender was just a little too slow, and Roby just a little too quick, for the steal to be made cleanly. I finally get it. I now know why that game can’t be called evenly. As a ref you either call fouls on contact equally (which favors the slow home team), or you call fouls only on clear infractions (which favors the athletic road team). There is no way of officiating that game that “calls it both ways.” Sorry refs for all the mean things I’ve called you through the years. And thanks for getting the game right last night.
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    Isaiah's really grown up a lot this year. His two best games as a Husker have come in the last 3 games this season. He's peaking at the right time for us. Over the last 8 games, since the OT loss at PSU, he's averaged 58.7% from the floor and 36.4% from beyond the arc. In that time, he's also averaged 10.4 points, 6.9 rebounds, 2.3 blocks and 2.0 assists. When you have a guy scoring like James Palmer does, you don't need Isaiah to put up a ton of points. You need that guy who can fill the stat sheet with other helpful contributions, which is exactly what we're getting out of Zay right now. I kinda like this Roby kid. I think he'll be alright.
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    As good as Roby was on offensive end, I thought his defense was the story. Really protects the rim and did a great job on Murphy. He had a few times where he could of committed a foul but instead just let murphy score. Was really glad to see this because we definitely needed him at the end of the game.!!
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    Rutgers: Saturday

    There will be multiple teams that we play in the next few weeks that I feel will kind of fold if we jump out hot. Illinois and Rutgers I think probably would with where their seasons are at. Maryland and Indiana could with where their seasons are at. I think PSU will put up a hell of a fight either way. They have as much a chance at dancing as us I would say. That right there could be a game that get's one of the teams in and the other would have work to do in New York. I think the PSU game could become bigger than No Sit Sunday in terms of what is on the line for both teams. Let's see how PSU does though. If they can string a few wins together.... ya never know.
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    Break from Bubble Worries

    Careful, let's be sure not to put the cart before the jackwagon here.
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    We've won 6 of 7 since benching Palmer at Penn St We've won 5 of 6 since Jordy came back We're 11 of 14 since losing to Kansas and those 3 loses were all against sub 50 KenPom games on the road
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    Team that should not be on the bubble but in - 83 Chris Christy's team - 66
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    Reading this thread is always a nice way to pass a snowy morning after a win. This is one of the first times I can say that everyone who played contributed to the win and none of them had a "down" game. And I would also like to add kudos to the Big Ten Network. While I realize that they are paid to hype the league which signs their paychecks, Bardo and Crispin seem genuine in their appreciation for our team. Since humans still make the ultimate calls on the selection committee and it is impossible to watch every NCAA team play, I would guess that any committee member wishing to see at least a portion of a live NU game might turn to the B10 channel. Those positive comments have to carry a tiny bit of weight to the casual viewer.
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    I picked Minnesota. As my punishment, I would ask that you down vote this post.