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    A couple have mentioned it, but it's a real testament to the talent and depth of this team that we can go out, play so poorly, and still notch the win against a Wisconsin. It wasnt long long ago where if we didn't bring our best against a conference opponent it was lights out, no chance, even against the leagues worst.
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    Interesting stat of the day: The team was a horrible 14.3% from 3-pt range; Anton Gill was a very solid 40%. Outside of Anton Gill, the team was 0% from three. Gill (or "Ton" as Miles calls him) is still shooting a torrid 48% from three land on the season. Extremely happy for Anton Gill and the season he is having. I was worried he'd not be able to come back from that injury he had last year, but he's not only recovered but he's pretty much back to the player we thought we were getting when we watched him at that first scrimmage after he transferred. He's a kid who can get us some buckets and isn't afraid to shoot with a defender in the area.
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    Kind of a strange game. Glad to get the win. Not sure what's up with Glynn. He can't string 'em together. Thought we did a good job on Happ for the most part. He got loose a bit down the stretch. He's just a bowling ball, really tough to match-up with. Part of that good effort was because Jordy had his best game in a long time. I don't think we win without him. Hopefully this is a confidence boost for him and he can string a few together. This was Palmer's game. He did a little bit of everything. But that turnover at the end of the game will make ya tear your hair out. So, the numbers said saw we shot terribly from 3. I thought we got a ton of good looks, though. How many did we have rim out? At least 3. We had at least 3 more that were dead on just a little long. That happens sometimes. Hopefully that corrects itself on Friday. They put on a dunk show in pregame warmups. Really entertaining stuff. I thought they were gonna come out loose and free. In the postgame, Miles seemed to view it as a lack of focus instead. I don't think he was as happy with the effort. I thought the effort was intermittent. We had a few times where we threatened to run them out of the gym and just couldn't land the knockout blow. We got up 24-14, I think, with about 6 minutes left before half. Then we had about five just terrible possessions and let Wisconsin back in it. Really frustrating stretch. Wisconsin has some nice young talent. They're gonna get a ton of experience this year that will probably pay off for them in a couple of years. Davison was tough as nails. Not sure they've got any front court replacements for Happ, though, unless they've got something coming in. They just really muck things up and make it difficult to pull away. Tough team to play. NU won this game because this game they were able to get to the line and they were excellent from the line. Anything from 3 tonight and we're probably talking about a 20 point laugher. It really felt like we controlled most of the game. Speaking of laughing, that play by Roby from his keister was pretty great. Thought the crowd was meh tonight. Got some really good minutes from Allen tonight, too. He had one of those 3's that rimmed out. We got our 12th win tonight. Equaled our win total from last year with at least 14 games left. Every game from here on out is the biggest game of the year. They need to treat them with the same urgency they did Minnesota, Creighton and Kansas. So, it wasn't a work of art. I don't think we played all that well, but we got the win despite it. Let's go get one in Happy Valley on Friday.
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    Can't believe I'm typing this: We looked bad, downright awful at times, offensively. Yet, we still beat Wisconsin! I'll take that anyday!
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    Yeah, we were up 10 at 24-14 and the wheels kind of fell off for the rest of the half as Wiscy went on an 8-2 run to close to 26-22 at half. One thing I did like though: In past years, if we had a lead against a good team late in the game, we'd go into a shell, try to run clock, never get a good look, stop attacking the basket and wind up losing because we couldn't manage to keep scoring after getting a lead. Last night, though we didn't extend the lead as we'd hoped, the other thing we didn't do was stop attacking. As in we continued to attack. They kept finding shots to take; they just missed too many of them. And that might happen sometimes. But I'd a whole lot rather go down in flames by continuing to attack and just missing than by going into a shell and never getting any more good looks.
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    They had to make sure they got their table at Gate 25.... It has been the single more infuriating thing for me since we moved into the Vault. Actually I think its a thing were people don't want to be "stuck in traffic". They want to be home right now. I don't really understand it since I'm rarely stuck in traffic. I admittedly don't have too far to go and I'm usually home before the post game is over. You just have to know how to get out of the Haymarket and I'm not going to tell you my secret.
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    Wisky with their injuries/lack of depth basically is a 6 man team. The other 4 guys they trotted out there combined for 0 points, 1 assist, 1 turnover and 2 fouls in 11 minutes.
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    HB Presser: JUST WIN BABY!! Pregame activities will begin within the hour.
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    I assumed that's what happened. There had to be a reason Evan thought he was the one who was fouled. Tom Eades tore into Evan Taylor after he shot the FT that didn't count. I was worried he was going to T Evan up for trying to take someone else's foul shots. Imagine if he'd done so. Wiscy shooting technical foul shots with the ball out of bounds down by their basket in a game already a little too close for comfort.