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    HB Presser: JUST WIN BABY!! Pregame activities will begin within the hour.
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    Nebraska Cornhuskers (11-6) at Wisconsin Badgers (9-8) Date: Tuesday Jan 9th, 2018 Time: 7:30 pm CST Arena: PBA TV Broadcast: BTN Wisconsin Info Head Coach: Greg Gard Location: Madison, WI Conference: B1G Nickname: Badgers Mascot: Bucky Badger Last time out: Lost to Rutgers Typical Rotation Depth: 6+ Line: Nebraska by 1.5 Arena: PBA Tempo: SLOW Defense: Man Style: Low assist % / Low 3pa% Four Factors Effective FG%: 53.3 84 51.3 199 50.8 Turnover %: 17.6 93 18.1 225 19.1 Off. Reb. %: 29.3 172 24.4 23 29.1 FTA/FGA: 33.7 179 27.8 56 33.9 Wisconsin protects the defensive glass, doesn't foul a ton, and doesn't turn the ball over a ton. They also are shooting well inside the arc. Like Nebraska they're good at taking away 3pt shots but like last year's Nebraska's team a lot of those takes go in. You can keep them off the offensive boards. Most Frequent Lineups over the last 5 games Nebraska PG SG SF PF C Pct 1 5 Glynn Watson 6-0 173 Jr 11 Evan Taylor 6-5 208 Sr 24 James Palmer 6-6 210 Jr 14 Isaac Copeland 6-9 221 Jr 32 Jordy Tshimanga 6-11 268 So 9.7 2 5 Glynn Watson 6-0 173 Jr 11 Evan Taylor 6-5 208 Sr 24 James Palmer 6-6 210 Jr 15 Isaiah Roby 6-8 225 So 14 Isaac Copeland 6-9 221 Jr 9.3 Wisconsin 1 34 Brad Davison 6-3 205 Fr 1 Brevin Pritzl 6-3 197 So 21 Khalil Iverson 6-5 210 Jr 2 Aleem Ford 6-8 215 Fr 22 Ethan Happ 6-10 235 Jr 20.2 2 34 Brad Davison 6-3 205 Fr 21 Khalil Iverson 6-5 210 Jr 2 Aleem Ford 6-8 215 Fr 35 Nate Reuvers 6-10 215 Fr 22 Ethan Happ 6-10 235 Jr 8.1 The Huskers are really varying their lineups and lot of that is due to Jordy playing less and less minutes. Wisconsin with injuries to starting PG D'Mitrik Trice and guard Kobe King essentially plays 6 guys while sprinkling in the rest of their bench. Players to watch: Ethan Happ It's all about Jr Center Ethan Happ who leads the team in points, rebounds, offensive rebounds, assists, and missed FTs. Happ dominates the shots and touches in the offense and can not only score efficiently in the paint but also find teammates when double teams come. Happ can be forced into turnovers and remains a roughly 50% FT shooter. Scouting Wisconsin SubTopic The Skinny Wisconsin is a bit of a wounded animal with guard injuries and a grueling pre-conference in danger of snapping the Badgers' NCAA tourney appearance streak. Gone is the slow 3pt shooting, no turnover teams of Bo Ryan being replaced by the not-so-great 3pt shooting and slightly turnover prone teams of Greg Gard. While it could happen, Wisconsin hasn't lit up anyone on the road this year. Nebraska with their plethora of lineup options will spend most of the night throwing them at Happ, trying to walk the line between double teaming him and not leaving any of his teammates open for 3 for too long as most everyone will shoot them except for Khalil Iverson (Iverson is your classic fake a 3 and go to the hole guy) Freshman Aleem Ford is their most consistent long range shooter but freshman PG (and former Nebraska recruit) Brad Davison is the most dynamic as he can drive and shoot. Keeping Happ, Iverson, and backup center Nate Reuvers off the offensive glass will eliminate the 2nd chance points that most teams get against Nebraska. Offensively Nebraska has been a consistently good 3pt shooting team this year and has to be licking its chops upon seeing the numbers that Wisconsin is giving up. While the Badgers tend to run you off the 3pt line, they aren't going to be quick enough to stop the penetration of Nebraska's guard and keep everyone covered up. Expect some zone in this one but it really seems like we can shoot over it. Thomas Allen has only played 10 minutes in the last two games; expect him to play at least that much in this one. The Huskers are home and are very hungry after seeing some of what could have been. I think they eat. Prediction: Nebraska 74 - Wisconsin 64 View full article
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    That could be construed in a number of different ways.
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    I was happy when the Haarms kid took one in the seeds...
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    My hope/expectation is that we should expect to win all the remaining Q3 games, of which all are at home except Rutgers. We gotta sweep Rutgers. They're really our only potential for a bad loss left on our schedule and represent our best chance for a road win. Q1 is going to be tough. Not sure there's a win there. Maybe we surprise an Ohio State who will have just gotten done with Minnesota, have a 1-day prep for us before facing PSU. That might help us, but still ... not a gimme. At all. Q2? I think we should win at least 2 (home) and possibly sneak a third (road at Illinois or maybe at Wisconsin.) I think you're right that 10 more wins should be our goal at this point: 8-9 yet in the regular season and 1-2 in the BTT.
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    Scouting Wisconsin

    I remember watching that W. Kentucky game....they should have lost. W. Kentucky ran a trapping 1-3-1 that game them fits. I wonder if we'll throw some at them other than in emergency situations. This feels like a game where we throw McVeigh out there for a few.
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    That might do it. I'm not sure about humans but computers would be impressed.
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    Scouting Wisconsin

    Mine is he likes to dig us a hole early and see if the team can respond.
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    One and done in the NIT is way better than no postseason at all.
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