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    From what I have seen of the league this year I think our team has a legitimate chance to finish in the top four. That's not saying we will, but even the biggest pessimist has to agree we should not finish in the bottom four.
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    We are not in the top two...today...let's see how things shake out of the entire year. One never knows, and injury here, a slump there, who knows. For example, Purdue has a very good top six, maybe even seven, but if they lose one or the other of their key players, then who knows.
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    We should hold serve at home. We need to pick up a couple on the road. I think we can.
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    janay morton was not listed in the playbook!!!
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    these rims are softer.
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    listening to matt and jeff. sounds like huskers are playing pretty well. no idea how to spell the nigerian's name (apologies) but sounds like she is keeping nw in the game.
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    So that's a high school gym. Nice.
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    He and Glynn didn't fare well doing that today. And a few times in the 2nd half I think Glynn aborted a drive to the hoop because he saw Haas waiting. Maybe instead of going all the way in and getting it blocked, pull up for a little 8 footer. Then again, I'm just an armchair coach.
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    That was North Carolina's Joel Barry, who had been grabbed up the court, as the ball flew the full length of the ball untouched.
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    It's a very good site to follow throughout the season. Will be interesting to see if we are projected in any of the brackets after last night's win once they all start updating. As of now we're still not in any of them and Northwestern is only projected to be in 1 of the 46 brackets on there. Kind of a bummer.