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    At one point the announcer who isn't Kugler complimented Purdue for elbowing our guy in the head.
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    How can you bobble the ball, let it hit the floor, regather it, and dribble again? Isn't that double dribble?
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    Enjoy today's video.
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    That was North Carolina's Joel Barry, who had been grabbed up the court, as the ball flew the full length of the ball untouched.
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    Didnt play well but match Purdue's intensity. Played hard and tough. Just experimented too much early with lineups that dug too big of a hole. Competed well in the most difficult game we have remaining on the schedule. Huge week for us. Wisconsin is a must win and Penn State is a good team on the road which creates a big opportunity
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    What a bogus technical
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    I’m not sure why Miles continues to start Jordy if the plan is once he makes his first two mistakes he gets yanked right away for Duby.
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    Nebraska is so much better when Tshimanga is on the bench. This lineup is long, athletic, dynamic and has the ability to get to the rim and finish strong.
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    lol kent calling out the ref by name now. ouch!
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    The guys recap their trip to Northwestern Subscribe via itunes here View full article