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    I hope we get to see them in the B1G Final.
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    Going forward

    Pretty sure the person who posted this is a Husker fan.
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    Lester Hudson is the first and only Division I men's player to have recorded a quadruple-double (25 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 10 steals) in 2007.
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    A theory on Jordy's development

    I haven't seen all his shots, but I would guess he has made a good move on probably 10 shots that he just blew a wide open shot. If those become makes, he is shooting over 50 %.
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    Red Don

    Kayla Mershon Update

    Just call her 'Speedy!'
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    Fire Turgeon.
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    All PR and I'm fine with it. They did the absolute most they possibly could and the country clubbers of college football are crapping on it. It probably cost them their coach, which is our gain. They're not the national champs. Nobody's gonna remember them as national champs. They're rousing some rabbles, likely in hopes of starting a movement to reform the system. They're keeping the conversation about their program alive. For a team like that, that's exactly what they need to do, kitchey as it may be.
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    Also, B1G the notice has been served: This Cornhusker squad has come to play. You better lace 'em up tight Saturday Purdue.
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    As they say, "Go with the Flo"
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    2018 C Florent Thamba -> Baylor

    Every thread for the 2017-18 season is inherently a chemistry thread