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    When Cope, JPJ and Glynn are all playing well with a mix of Anton and Zay, this team becomes so much fun to watch
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    Guess that means I'm not allowed to follow along on here. Once I closed out and followed on CBSsports the good NU showed. I've learned my lesson. But will miss the in game commentary.
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    That play was much better by Roby.
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    Color me shocked that we have been able to build a double digit lead...
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    There's a "Goooo Biiiig Reddd!" guy there. Here's to you bud.
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    Even just the normal scorers scoring would be nice.
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    They tried to put some butts in the seats. Emphasis on tried! Makes you appreciate Husker nation even more!
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    My wife and I dislike our black unis. I think for me at least it is really hard to read the numbers