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    Grand Larceny!
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    All three post players for NU played without committing a turnover against Stetson, that has to be a first this season. Two guys getting 10 boards from the post also has to be a first this year.
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    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    Bugs, it looked like we wore Minn out to some extent today. They didn't have much spunk late in the game. It did seem to have some affect. We play at a pretty good pace and with our subbing a lot...you better have some gas in the tank to keep up. A huge stat in the box score..our team shot 50% ...best of the year and look what happened. Love it !!
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    Down to 7.5 now
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    It looks like it's due to an edited score made before the game that wasn't caught. I'll check all other edits to make sure they were recorded as soon as I have some time.
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    OT - Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, HHCers. GBR
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    I saw that the York Holiday tournament was going to be streamed online so I watched him play the two games in the tournament. They lost to York and then beat a very bad Elkhorn team. He biggest strength seems to be he is tall and and can make layups. Moves relatively well and has come a long way in just catching the ball from his Sophomore year when he just couldn't. He can dribble a bit but I wouldn't go as far as to say he is "skilled." Has a decent midrange jumper but is slow to get it off. That is not an issue in Class B but will be when he plays guys as tall as him. He doesn't seem to have any go to post move. I don't know what kind of weight program they have there and I know some people just have a hard time gaining weight, but he is very weak. Emphasis on the very. His shot was affected on multiple occasions by players 7 or 8 inches shorter simply by muscling him up. It made a lot of his shots come up short. York has some thick athletes from their state football team and he struggled when he got the ball in the post. He was much more effective with offensive rebounds and running the floor. Made some bad decisions and seemed to get frustrated by getting muscled up. He really forced some shots off the dribble (the guy on Striv said it was the most shots he had taken in game this year) but he was forced away from the basket due to lack of strength and all of those shots came up short. It seemed to me that he was too demonstrative when calls went against him and whined a lot during the York game. Not so much against Elkhorn but they did what they wanted that night. I thought his biggest strength was he had good timing on blocking shots, granted from players up to a foot shorter than him. In Class B he can be dominate. As much as he struggled against York he had a ton of blocks because they kept coming at him and he scored in the 20's. He rebounds well because he is mobile and goes and gets the ball. He needs to redshirt. Not doing it can't be an option for him. He is the definition of project. If he gets twice as strong as he is now (maybe more), gains 40 pounds or so and learns a post move he might be OK. He might get a couple of blocks but I would assume post players for UNK, Wayne State and even York College would eat him up at this time.
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    Red Don

    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    And Look at that Attendance; only 3,284. (Husker Ladies had 4,383 vs Ohio State; 4,404 vs Wash St; and 3,635 vs Florida Atlantic, all @ PBA) It will be a Happy Flight Home Tonight For New Year's Eve! (Top recruits are beginning to take notice of the fun the team is having, the stellar facilities, and even better fan support/crowds at our games! These are some of the reasons Kate Cain chose Nebraska )
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    Nebraska vs. Minnesota Game Thread

    love your optimism, but, we all know a long ways to go---but, i hear ya! listened to the game call with matt and jeff. since i can only go by that, what impressed me the most, i think there were around 6 minutes left(?) and things seemed to be unraveling. matt was saying the same thing. i was hoping coach would call a time out----but the huskers pulled themselves together and settled things down. that showed me something right there! haven't checked the stats yet, but, if someone told me Bell would get almost(?) 30 and minny drained 12 3's------i would have stated "loss". oh, man. i'm kinda giddy!!! GBR!
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    I think we will likely need all three post players in the Big Ten league games.