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    Dean Smith

    Times Change I Guess

    I didn't say anything about undisciplined basketball. I'm saying you can't control everything down to whether they want to wear the hood that is on the team provided warmup or not. Pretty much every team that is signed with Adidas has warm ups with hoods. They are certainly not mutually exclusive. If you think wearing a hood is undisciplined then there's not much more room for our discussion. You don't have to march around like little soldiers to have a disciplined basketball team. When players did things that were out of control they came and took a seat on the bench. Things do change and if you don't you get left behind. I think Bobby Knight was a basketball genius but you can't stay employed being Bobby Knight anymore and you certainly can't sign the type of players we need to be successful with his attitude and actions. And if it was Evan Taylor that that's exactly the kind of disciplined, team first players we need. He has no problem doing the dirty work. If discipline was all you needed to be successful than West Point and the Naval Academy would be playing for the final every year. North Carolina is disciplined or the will face the wrath of Roy but he is a good enough coach that has done his work in practice that he has enough trust in his players to allow them some individual creativity that makes the game fun to watch.
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    Times Change I Guess

    I’m split on this thinking. I didn’t want to say it because a few posts have been pretty decent posts. But bashing very very minuscule things was like why? Then I got happy and giddy. We’re 13 games into the year... having played two of our toughest conference opponents... and we can’t find anything better to complain about than warmups. That’s a positive in my book! Keep it going boys! I can’t wait until we start complaing about which way someone’s leg bends.
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    1958 Shot that Beat KU

    That doesn't seem like a very profitable business model.
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    Times Change I Guess

    Watch the final 4 and I bet you see those undisciplined teams also wearing hoods and freelancing in the layup line.
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    Times Change I Guess

    I was just gonna post that this guy is a jaysker troll.
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    Dean Smith

    Times Change I Guess

    I'm pretty sure Coach Mac has no problem with a player having his hood up in warmups. Huge Bob Knight fan when it comes to his concepts but he nor anyone else could be successful today with his methods. I've been involved with some very successful basketball coaches. I would way more successful than you regardless of who you are because they were the most successful in Nebraska history. They taught fundamentals, had very disciplined teams and could give a rat's ass about who's warmup hood was up.
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    Times Change I Guess

    Dont see the big deal about wearing a hood during warmups (assuming it was Evan Taylor)
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    Red Don

    Ashtyn Veerbeek

    Here is an article on Ashtyn in the Sioux City Journal, Dec 21, 2017: Veerbeek gets 39, Western rallies for win http://siouxcityjournal.com/high-school/sbl/veerbeek-gets-western-rallies-for-win/article_a3050450-9751-57aa-a90b-0bb6e18d1952.html
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    this is awesome and one of the reasons I love Timmeh. Great gesture. Can't forget these are still college kids and, Louisville aside, amateurs. Congrats, Tanner!
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    Times Change I Guess

    By the way, in all seriousness, when did you get to the Vault? If you get there early, you would see the actual warm-ups where the assistant coaches are on the floor with the players and they go through drills and half-court sets. They then go back into the locker rooms and come out for the "more relaxed" "staying loose" process. They are basically in and out of the locker rooms 3 times prior to game time.