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    Nebraska and the Catapult System

    https://www.sporttechie.com/why-nebraska-cornhuskers-analyze-hoops-players-workload-spit/ Really fascinating article about some new technology we started using last year. Might shed some light on why in the past we seemed to fade down the stretch...
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    Download the Husker Lights App

    You know me too well, my friend.
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    Minnesota Game

    Yeah, I'm typically not into the "must win" drama. But, there is no point in ignoring the 100 pound gorilla in the gym. If this wasn't year 6 at 81-89, with the rumblings from "reliable source guy" around Lincoln about what has to happen this year for the staff to survive, the game wouldn't be that important. There needs to be some hope put into this. Soon. Very important game, despite how uphill it looks.
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    I thought it worked well with Palmer at the top of the key and Watson running the baseline--there isn't a ton of rebounding from that spot and you need a lot of quickness to contest baseline/corner jumpers when the ball is being swung and skipped. Your rebounding comes primarily from the weakside wing and center. So, starters would be: Palmer Taylor Jordy Copeland Watson ^^^ The other nice thing I just realized is that Roby could be subbed in at literally ANY spot of that zone and function just fine. Ugh. I really want to see this more now. It completely ruins pick and roll offenses, which destroy us.
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    Shooting % under Coach Miles

    To me it looks like the guys that Miles recruits don't fit the offense that he runs. In my simple non-coach mind, if you recruit great athletes then you should increase tempo and create fast breaks (and press more on defense, but that's off topic). If you recruit shooters, then set up in the half-court and be patient. This is obviously a generalization but I think the principle holds true.
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    Shooting % under Coach Miles

    Ernie Kent
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    Shooting % under Coach Miles

    It was 47.5% coming in which was more like 230th in the country Here it is even further breaking it down by at the rim 2s vs other 2s. B1G http://barttorvik.com/teampbp.php?conlimit=B10&year=2018&sort=1 All teams http://barttorvik.com/teampbp.php?year=2018&sort=1
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    HHCC Standings - End of Week 04

    That's at least two wins so far. Nicely done @HuskerCager!
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    After seeing our 1-3-1, I wouldn’t mind us running it just as much as man. Could really help everything including scoring.
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    Projection system

    Well, it looks like Purdue got this: