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    assuming roby is healthy which i think he will be, i'd like to believe this team can win at least 1 ranked game out of 4 tries. i feel like we are on the same level as Creighton and Minn in terms of talent. KU and mich st are obviously elite, but i still think we have a chance to beat them if we play our best game.
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    Allie Havers.....

    plays near the end of 3rd set for Huskers sweep of Stoney Brook. gets two kills and the crowd went nuts!!! a moment i am sure she will cherish.
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    Again, I'll state up front... I'm unapologetically biased. Rachel was not in warmups following halftime. I thought she'd play in the "second half..." She thought she'd play. Was she physically able to play? Yes. I stand by my contention... More of her presence on the court would have accounted for fewer Clemson points. How many fewer? Who knows, but they didn't need many. Sports and warfare have parallels. They're not the same, but they have parallels. Leadership is extremely important in both endeavors. Leadership is the most important factor of combat power. Leadership significantly impacts the other six elements of combat power (fires, maneuver...) In sports, leadership doesn't show up in a stat line, but you're a fool if you don't think it matters as much in sports as it does in warfare. Rachel brings that leadership aspect to the court. I spoke with announcer Matt prior to the Creighton game. I was talking to him about how Rachel likes to put her hand on the girl she is guarding. She does it to piss the girl off. The more the opponent swipes Rachel's hand off, the more Rachel puts her hand on... She lives "rent-free" inside the girl's head. Matt said... "They're a different team when she's out there." Yep. After Ms. Whitish missed the game's last shot, and the game ended... I watched, and the first player over to give encouragement to # 3 was #43. It's what leaders do. Knees hurt... yep. I've already said too much, and my view means nothing anyway. So, beat Navy again.
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    Dean Smith

    2017-18 Husker opponents

    I just watched Gonzaga beat Creighton. The Zags have a 6'9 post named Jonathan Williams. That's what Roby could be and much more. Williams is so much more aggressive in going and getting his shot than Roby and I would think he has a much better jump hook (He shoots the one with the rotating shoulders), but I don't know because Roby hasn't been aggressive enough for me to see that shot from him. To me Roby looks more athletic and just needs the confidence to use it and his skills. Williams just took it to Creighton. He ended up with 15 points, 5 rebounds and a block. If Roby averaged those in the Big 10 he's getting postseason honors.
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    Allie Havers.....

    Got the match on my computer late in the match, and saw Allie drill her kill. The crowed went nuts....and the rest of the team. She was smiling ear to ear. It was a cool moment indeed.
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    Allie Havers.....

    I'm getting soft in my old age. Darn near (?) brought a tear to my eye. Well done kid.
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    2017-2018 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I'd rather start conference play 0-4 and end up in the NIT than start 3-0 and end up with 12 wins.
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    It's officially official:
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    B1G Opening Weekend Conf Games

    Nick Fuller led em in scoring (16 pts) against Duke. Good for him.
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    South Dakota

    Nick Fuller is having a day for the 'Yotes against Duke. 11 points so far.
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    37-12 at the half. What can I say? (Look at the assist #s - 14 vs 4 ) Stats Link: http://www.huskers.com/liveStats/v2/basketball/index.dbml?GAME_STAT_ID=3159895&db_oem_id=100
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    Allie Havers.....

    Was very happy for her and so happy Hunter found her right away.
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    Allie Havers.....

    Extremely happy for her. Believe it was her first kills of the season / career. ???
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    Not sure why Rachel only saw 3 minutes. She had a turnover during that time... Maybe that was why she was a spectator for the remainder of the game. She didn't know. I'm biased... acknowledged. I fully acknowledge that Rachel is not an offensive scoring powerhouse. However, I've watched her play at the Power 5 Conference level enough to know that her defense and her on-court leadership provide both tangible and intangible results. I believe her defense and leadership would have been worth at least 4 points.
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    Dang, I missed that in scanning the posts. Oh well, always a day late and a couple thousand short.
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    Our starting lineup vs CU last year— Webster, Watson, Morrow, Jacobson, Jack this year (assumed)— Watson, Taylor, Copeland, Palmer, Jordy We have a lot more pieces this year. Shooting is way better from most all starters.
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    Expectations for the next 5 games?

    Credit everyone involved with Husker Hoops for recognizing this was probably our best chance at a win in these 4 games and going all in on the shirts
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    Handy Johnson


    What still amazes me is that Andre was 1980 Big 8 Player of the Year, started at Center, and was all of 6'6". The strength, the footwork, the guile and oh those sideburns. For those that never saw him play, he was a LOAD down low, even at 6'6"
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    Handy Johnson


    Claude Renfro? Kenny Walton? Anyway... here's another Kent classic that I used as a Voicemail greeting for years. '93 OU @ NU Football, Nebraska punts and OU fumbles. "They're unpiling the players at the 23, who's got it, Huskers say they're on top of it......... still no indication yet......................still no indication......(long,long pregnant pause).............................. Nebraska's Got the Ball! (crowd roars & roars) HOLY COW, HOW BOUT THOSE HUSKERS!" Then we went on to play FSU in the Title game & well you know...
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