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    I hope that they don't bring him back until he is healthy. The season is not a sprint, we need him throughout the season. I know we are in the midst of a tough stretch, but Isaiah is an important player for us. We need to be better safe than sorry.
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    Rolled his ankle in the first half. Apparently a low ankle sprain. Degree of injury not yet disclosed.
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    Bad ankle sprain. his foot was at a 90 degree to his leg.
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    Karl Hess in the game?
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    Glenn may have gotten his shot back.
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    Bugeaters must have been on the other side of the international dateline-maybe Samoa. In fact Nebraska already has a new football coach there.
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    I thought I would also through this out with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek...Karl Hess worked the game as lead official and there wasn't one negative comment about him.
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    Making shots makes Nebrasketball a fun team to watch. Do it again! GBR