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    He deserves it. One of the best "Team" players we have had in quite some time. Did everything for the team.
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    Shot Volume Index

    Just as a refresher in statistics as a method of showing and predicting success ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are what is called the "4 factors" and they're made up of eFG%, offReb%, TO%, and FTA/FGA. This is the way to quantify how teams win/lose by how they shoot, how many "extra" possessions they can gain to take those shots, how many possessions will end in a shot attempt instead of a turnover, and how often you can add to your point total with FTs. Here is Nebraska's at the moment We're getting to the FT line, we're not shooting well, etc....it does a pretty bang up job of encapsulating what we've done over the first two games relative to other teams. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now that we've set the table, here are a couple of articles on something John Gasaway calls Shot Volume Index. https://johngasaway.com/2017/11/15/peer-performance-pressure-and-the-limits-of-coaching-theory/ https://johngasaway.com/2017/03/15/these-are-the-teams-that-can-generate-shots/ The overarching point is to think of Turnover% and Off Reb% not as some sort of individual items with numbers you need to hit but as an individual pieces in how you get more shot attempts. Thus, a team like Michigan who didn't turn the ball over but punted on offensive rebounds generates the amount of extra shots that a team like Oklahoma St did by crashing the offensive boards but not taking care of the ball. Also, last year Virginia Tech was the best shooting team in the conference; however with their poor turnover rate and lack of offensive rebounds their limited possessions had them as the 7th best offense in the conference. I don't know that these numbers are really available anywhere. (Maybe at ESPN Insider where Gasaway works) Overall, I found it helpful when looking at advanced metrics to not overfocus on a poor rebound or turnover rate.
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    3 point shooting

    So, people are concerned about 3 point shooting. It's an admittedly small sample size only two games in. On the season, they're shooting .303. Last season, they shot .320. Gulp! I think we'll see that number rise as the season progresses, however. In looking at the numbers through two games, I submit a few observations: Copeland is 0-4 from 3. His freshman year he hit at a .389 rate. His sophomore year, his playing time increased by 40%, and his rate from 3 dropped to .272. He hasn't hit a 3 in a regulation game in 20 months. Once the rust works itself out, I expect him to hit somewhere between those two numbers. He's on pace to play about 800 minutes this year, also right in between his freshman and sophomore seasons. Jack shot nearly an identical percentage in both seasons he's been at NU. It's reasonable to expect him to shoot about .340. So far, he's 1-3. Basically right on pace. He's also streaky. Glynn is an interesting case to me. His sophomore season he took a huge jump from beyond the arc, jumping from .267 to .397. He was a top 20 3 point shooter in the Big Ten, the only Husker in the top 20. I don't know that it's reasonable to expect him to shoot at that high a rate. His shot is still a little flat, but his overall field goal percentage is up from last year, so I do expect his .250 rate to increase as the season progresses. Palmer has forced some outside shots, but he's shown an ability to hit from outside. It's enough for teams to need to respect it, but he's not an elite shooter. If he can hit at 1 out of every 3, that should be sufficient. Thomas Allen has come in and done what we were told he could do. He's hitting at the second best rate on the team so far at .400. That's what some expected of him, but he has yet to face a high quality opponent. Kid looks like a natural, however. If he can maintain something near that number, he'll be a huge piece to the puzzle this year. The biggest surprise so far has been Isaiah Roby. He came in last year with some expectation that he'd be able to hit from the perimeter. He struggled big time last year, only hitting 4 over the course of the whole season. Two games in, he's already halfway there. He's not gonna hit at that .667 rate he's at so far, but if he can settle in at about .333, that would be a big boost. I don't know if they'll be a top 100 3 point shooting team this year, but if Glynn and Allen can hit close to 40% and the rest are at about a 32-35% rate, that should be a good spot for NU to settle into. They'll need to shoot it better than they have so far, but I'd contend history suggests they will.
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    HHCC Standings - End of Week 01

    Only one game in and we've got a perfect score! Dishing out -40 points to @HuskerCager. What's even crazier? The exact same thing happened last year to someone else. Call the Feds! It reeks of a shoe scandal on HHCC. Week 01 includes: Game #01 vs. Eastern Illinois HHCC Standings - End of Week 01 1 HuskerCager -40 2 LNKtrnsplnt 10 3 dustystehl 12 4 Ralph Wiggum 12 5 Jugular 13 6 TheNovice 14 7 huskers29 16 8 cjbowbros 17 9 jimmykc 18 10 KenPom 18 11 Dead Dog Alley 20 12 HuskerFever 21 13 JBARGIE 21 14 Nebrasketball5 21 15 Wolv77 21 16 Boots 23 17 Bugeaters1 23 18 Blindcheck 24 19 BugeaterZ 24 20 HB 24 21 trickey 24 22 WestOHusker 24 23 kdorn3 25 24 AuroranHusker 26 25 NebrasketballJake 27 26 Noah121 27 27 Nutball 27 28 REDZONEDAN 27 29 Skersby90 27 30 swoof 27 31 Vinny 27 32 bigred4 28 33 jayschool 28 34 Jurgey 28 35 4NUfans 29 36 BjoeHusker 29 37 hal9000 29 38 NeeandMe 29 39 aphilso1 30 40 BDL415 30 41 ConkintheCorner 30 42 huskerbaseball13 30 43 Section_316 30 44 TheBowmaster 30 45 Husker4Life 31 46 MitchMcGaryMunchies 31 47 Red Don 32 48 1sdpad2 33 49 Erdbeereis 33 50 hhcdimes 33 51 TheGolfGang 33 52 Silverbacked1 35 53 brfrad 36 54 Buglem 36 55 Crush78 36 56 hskr4life 36 57 HuskerPower#nato73 36 58 Neon Budreau 36 59 pmd9 36 60 throwback 37 61 huskercwg 38 62 basketballjones 39 63 Chuck Taylor 39 64 Handy Johnson 39 65 LK1 39 66 bkamler 41 67 UnicamMan 41 68 demone 42 69 khoock 42 70 runsoastowin 42 71 Minnesota_Husker 45 72 twinswingohuskers 45 73 emwilliams 46 74 colhusker 48 75 75unlgrad 51 76 Busch Light 51 77 MichHusker 51 78 jdostal 60 79 nuhusker7 60 80 big red22 66 81 uneblinstu 78
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    2017 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Seems like they nailed the private-schools-with-guys-on-the-benches-being-jags matchup this season.
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    3 point shooting

    Honestly, the shots look pretty good right now, the difference in them going in or falling off is miniscule. I am hoping that when they are really needed, the stroke and results will be there.
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    3 point shooting

    Copeland still seems to be shooting a flat shot. I have to wonder whether that is back and rusty legs and will improve over time. One thing I found interesting last night was that he shot one 3 after a whistle, shot it with a nice arc and it swished. Then on the next possession he shot from almost the same spot during play, the shot was flat and it bounced off the front rim. Oh, and I think I'm going to use the name "Rusty Legs" as the name of my next country-rock band.
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    Here's Huskers-73, Here's Johnnies-70
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    We beat the KenPom spread. We should move up a few spots. Illinois has already dropped below us so we're at #12 now in the league.
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    Mi'Cole Cayton

    If Delaware fans want to wish injury to Kate Cain, that is their right. Just like I have right to wish injury on decommits for Huskers