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    Past/Future Opponents First Games

    Opening weekend for NU opponents - lots of mismatches B1G went 22-1. Only 4 of the 22 wins were by single digits. North Texas 1-0 (W, 122-65) Eureka College St. John’s 1-0 (W, 77-61) New Orleans North Dakota 1-1 (W, 83-80) Troy (L, 78-81) Hawaii UCF 1-0 (W, 88-79) Mercer West Virginia 0-1 (L, 65-88) Texas A&M Marist 0-1 (L, 76-84) Lehigh Missouri 1-0 (W, 74-59) Iowa St Long Beach St 1-0 (W, 83-71) San Francisco Oregon St 1-0 (W, 99-82) Southern Utah Boston College 2-0 (W, 85-65) Maine (W, 91-52) South Carolina St Creighton 2-0 (W, 92-76) Yale (W, 109-72) Alcorn St Kansas 1-0 (W, 92-56) Tennessee St UTSA 1-0 (W, 92-59) East Central Delaware St 1-0 (W, 71-50) Cairn Stetson 1-0 (W, 98-89) Webber International ……. Illinois 2-0 (W, 102-55) Southern (W, 77-74) Tenn-Martin Indiana 1-1 (L, 69-90) Indiana St (W, 86-77) Howard Iowa 2-0 (W, 95-62) Chicago St (W, 92-58) Alabama St Maryland 2-0 (W, 76-61) Stony Brook (W, 96-43) Md-Eastern Shore Michigan 1-0 (W, 86-66) North Florida Michigan St 1-0 (W, 98-66) North Florida Minnesota 1-0 (W, 92-77) USC-Upstate Northwestern 1-0 (W, 77-75) Loyola-Md Ohio St 2-0 (W, 95-64) Robert Morris (W, 82-72) Radford Penn St 2-0 (W, 86-75) Campbell (W, 81-57) Fairleigh Dickenson Purdue 2-0 (W, 105-74) SIU-Edwardsville (W, 111-42) Chicago St Rutgers 2-0 (W, 94-38) CCNY (W, 71-67) Central Conn St Wisconsin 2-0 (W, 85-50) South Carolina St (W, 89-61) Yale
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    Once the initial excitement wore off after 5 minutes, I think we kind of shied away from the feisty play EIU brought, outside of Roby blocking every shot taken in the city limits. The way he was going I thought he might get another block or two from the locker room on the little kids at halftime. Took a long time for NU to ratchet up the intensity level again after the first media timeout. EIU just outscrapped us for a good chunk of the game. Jordy struggled offensively, but I thought he was the guy that really got our attitude back in the 2nd half. He started throwing his body around and I felt like he got the guys going. He also did a nice job shielding defenders in the lane in the 2nd half, opened up some driving lanes. And he had 2-3 great passes out of the post. So he certainly struggled - mightily - in some aspects, but I was encouraged that he found other ways to contribute. After Turner was on the bench for that long stretch in the 2nd half, I thought he brought some nastiness on the boards too when he came back in. This team needs its big guards to rebound. And Glynn just took over late, showed a lot of toughness, because you could tell he was hurting. Liked the way Allen played. He has a big time confidence to his game. Certainly wasn't perfect, but never shied away from anything either. When NU asked him to guard EIU's #2, I was really concerned, but I thought he did a nice job staying in front of him. When you think about where guys like Glynn and Tai were as true freshmen & where they are now/ended up, tons and tons of upside coming for Allen if he can follow that same trajectory.
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    "Raising" Cain

    Boom! I want her starting soon. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211685234
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    The one male ref was worse then the two females IMO.
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    Ha, good catch - I meant Taylor. Hangovers are a bitch.
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    Who is this referring to, throwback? Palmer, perhaps.
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    A few other idle thoughts: 1) We ran one zone set (1-3-1). I believe that our length was causing issues, but the little 5'1" dude hit a tough shot. We didn't go back to it. 2) Perhaps the crowd would be a bit more spry IF they turned down the heat five or ten degrees. Just saying... 3) Game PA announcer still does meet my expectations.
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    EIU reminded me of that fly that gets in your car and keeps flying around you when you are driving down the interstate. You can't hit him well enough to kill him and when he is on the window you roll it down and he is pushed into the back seat where he then comes back and flies around your face again. They are a team that hangs with you, makes you work hard, shoots and makes some shots that shouldn't go in, and are smaller so you which makes for match up problems on D. As always a win is a win. 1-0 baby!
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    Handy Johnson

    Husker Signing Day

    Here's another one for you Lang slightly OT. Moses Malone led the NBA in scoring AND rebounding in 1981. Put that in your pipe & smoke it Dennis Rodman. P.S. Nate Arcihbald led the League in scoring & assists when he played for the KC/Omaha Kings
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    and it's going to help the defense, especially, to get janay and nicea back.