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    In guys don't redshirt news, guys don't redshirt. I do hope-expect Brady to next year
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    Row6Seat10 Musings

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    Signing Day 11/8/17

    That is just a cool picture. Assume that is a Senior Picture.
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    In terms of teams we finished behind last season that we could potentially finish in front of this season.
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    The Official Media Thread

    We don't have to leap frog anybody. Nobody's played any games yet.
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    Husker Signing Day

    He's really, really good.
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    Red Rum

    Husker Signing Day

    oh my
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    Hey, this isn't too bad [turns on TV, no Big 10 Network]
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    Thor's a little different. He's here to learn to play ball and get a contract in Europe. Doesn't make sense to redshirt. I'd hope Nana sees the benefit of the redshirt season.
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    Red Don

    Updated article on Kate Cain

    Good Article HUD. Thanks for Posting. I'm glad she chose Nebraska. I think Lincoln is a great place and one of the best kept secrets for student-athletes.