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    As I gaze into my Magic 8 ball I see the Cornhuskers making the Dance, Miles getting an extension, and the stock piling of BIG TIME talent. These are heady times my Husker friends, so strap it on tight, it's gonna be a fun ride!
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    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    here is another line for Miss Brown.
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    Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    That game put the nail in the coffin. Terrible coaching effort!!! 7 point lead with 8 minutes left and the ball at the 20 of Northwestern. 3 points if you run the ball 3 times, which you did a decent job. Nope, we put it up, get beat up the middle, QB gets killed and ball game.
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    Finally got our white whale! First episode of the season brings in Jack McVeigh #JackSplash to open the season. #JackSplash interview Nebrasketball is #Back. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-nebrasketball-podcast/id1080549545?mt=2 View full article
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    Norm Peterson

    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Wow! Nice line, young lady.
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    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    Here is a line score for Miss brown.
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    I knew you'd come around Dimes...
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    Coaches kid

    uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    I guess the guys who told me Palmer was the best player in practice last year were right. Said he had a swagger to his game, but not in a selfish, detrimental way to the team. That seems to be the case. A big key for this year will be Roby. I think he's one of those rare guys who could likely guard every position on the floor. His defensive versatility alone is worth having him on the floor for heavy minutes. Offensively, he has the skills to be very good. It seems to me, however, that he still plays tentative - thinks too much, which leads to some awkward shots and turnovers. Just go hard, young man, and if you make a mistake, do it with authority. While it would be nice if he hit some jump shots, I think his real contribution to the team would be as a slasher who could take advantage of mismatches and create for himself and others. If and when he clears those mental barriers, we will be better.
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    Two Glynn Watson highlights: Early in the scrimmage, red gets a rebound or steal (can't recall which), Glynn fills the center lane dribbling up the floor, sees James Palmer on the left wing, lobs it over the defense for an alley-oop flush. Second, remember that play the team from Omaha ran so much last year where their little PG would dribble off the screen looking like he was going to attack the basket only to flip it up near the rim and have their center flush it? Yeah, Glynn can do that too. Okeke on the receiving end. Glynn just flipped it perfectly. Glynn, you magnificent bastard. So damn glad he's on our team.
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    Always been a fan of token full court pressure, that should not compromise your defense. We never do that. What are the cons of doing so in your view? I see almost all pros, especially with the 30 second shot clock. If you can annoy them into a couple stupid turnovers, while giving them around 20 seconds to shoot it seems like a good idea.