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    Closed Scrimmage

    Saw a license plate last week that said "H8 JSKERS." Made my day.
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    Norm Peterson

    Closed Scrimmage

    I have a confession to make: I don't really have a problem with "jayskers." As long as they don't hate Nebraska's other sports. Because that would be pretty stupid. I can think of just one guy who falls into that category.
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    Closed Scrimmage

    Wouldn't his admission that he's only seen them once and looked at two box scores be exactly the reason why he'd take the two dudes he knows everything about over two he doesn't?
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    Jacob Padilla

    Closed Scrimmage

    I've seen one game and studied two box scores. Hard to know at this point what Palmer will be on average. Are these two games Palmer at his peak? Or are they just typical performances? The fact that he got to the foul line a ton when his 3-pointer wasn't falling in the ISU game is certainly a good sign for his ability to score consistently. I'll put it this way: Biased I may be, I'll take Thomas and Foster over Taylor and Palmer any day of the week. I think Foster will be able to score better against Taylor's defense than Palmer will against Thomas', and I'll take Thomas' scoring over Taylor's by far. Toss in Watson and Mintz/Joseph and the equation becomes a bit more even, however. I think this year's game has the potential to be a lot of fun.
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    Next Years Starting 5

    Yep. STARTERS -Glynn Watson -Evan Taylor -James Palmer -Isaac Copeland -Jordy Tshimanga I dont see how we go only 8 deep. My guess is 9. -McVeigh -Roby -Allen or Gill -Okeke or Borchardt
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    Norm Peterson

    Closed Scrimmage

    I cannot imagine our rotation being limited to 8 players this year. Which two among the following are you going to keep off the floor in order to limit the rotation to 8? Thomas Allen? Jack McVeigh? Isaiah Roby? Anton Gill? Duby Okeke/Tanner Borchardt? I'd suggest AT LEAST 4 of the above 6 are going to see regular minutes in addition to the 5 starters. And as I look at the roster, I think we're really going to have to hit the transfer market hard this next off-season. Palmer and Copeland having good seasons would really boost our appeal in that regard.
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    Closed Scrimmage

    I think Jack must be able to clear more space to get his shot off because of the squirrel in his beard.
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    2018 C Florent Thamba -> Baylor

    I speak florent thamba
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    This is sort of like reading your own obituary...certainly not all doom and gloom, but not exactly a morning pick me up either. https://www.offtackleempire.com/2017/10/25/16541210/2017-2018-nebraska-basketball-preview-tim-miles-fired-probably-maybe-i-dont-know-i-like-watson