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    Hey, let our friends to the north alone. This is the day they get to turn their reversible red/blue sweater vests inside out.
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    I came here this morning expecting Copeland information — but get Jayskers talking about their team instead? What’s with that? Don’t we have a thread somewhere for those discussions?
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    The name of the link is an unfortunate truncation of the headline, which ends with " 's NCAA tournament drought". And not that he aims to end Nebraska basketball per se.
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    Jacob Padilla


    Talk to Norm about that. As for Copeland, hard to take away too much from that exhibition as I'm sure he's working off some rust but that 3-point shot is something to keep an eye on. He's going to take them. They went in as a freshman but didn't as a sophomore. Hard to tell what kind of a shooter he really is.
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    Hey, Wolv, welcome back. For now, I just want to play a competitive game against them. We are so far away from talking trash that it's not even funny. I think they might have been primed for the picking this year except they pulled in some good players in their 2017 recruiting class including a transfer big man who, I'll be honest, I looked at film on him and couldn't figure out why he had no real offers. He's 6'10", 250# and he has 3-point range. And he's shown it in the exhibition/scrimmage stuff they've played so far this year. If it was just our attrition against their attrition, I'd be happy to be a little optimistic, but a couple of their freshmen look legit and so does this big man transfer. So, let's just play the game and talk beating them when and if it actually happens.
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    Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

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    I'm back, guys!! Been a long hiatus, but I've decided to be more faithful and this year it's season tickets baby. Just got em in today. Haven't had season tix for a couple years since it was student tickets for me. I'll be up in the nosebleeds rapping HHC and Tim. Idk if well end up terrible or pretty alright this year with this crew, but there's a large degree of variance with this group. Very young and exciting group, I can't wait to see them. Just hope to compete (not give up and play terrible D) and at least f---in destroy Creighton. hope they perform because if not I could see Tim put of here next year. Which is unfortunate because he's a good coach and a lot of unlucky things have happened, in a demonicly difficult league. Go buskers!