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    Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    What have we done to give them reason not to pick us 13th?
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    Funny, because "Boehm" is Yiddish for Squirrel.
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    Bellwether games

    I move we appoint Norm to be the official HHC Bellwether. The difficult part will be getting him to agree about the neutering thing.
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    Norm Peterson

    Guard play

    He won’t get the open looks like MJ because people will actually have to guard him, which means they won’t be able to sag off and help guard other players, which means other players will be more productive. Having Isaac Copeland on the floor will make other players better.
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    Huskers picked 13th? Again?

    Maybe they're confusing the basketball team with the football team?
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    Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Although I understand that "voting process" it doesn't mean I have to be a fan of it. I can articulate my position to those in charge verbally or in writing rather than walking out on a contest. I hear (mostly chuckles) from many fan bases who chastise me for the action of our fans. My response typically points to the fact that our fans still buy the tickets and show up to the start of each game. I then digress to the fact that the bathrooms have something wrong with them and fans simply have to leave to find a spot to relieve themselves...or something like that. The thing is, we are not separating ourselves from the bad fan bases by walking out on our team. We should be able to make our point without having to vacate the team when they need us the most. If we truly want to believe that we have the best fans out there, shouldn't we then support our team and coaches through thick and thin or until the administration makes the change.
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    Nebraska Football 2017-2018

    Here is my issue, and it is an issue with fans in general. So people are free to fire away at me at your leisure. A "fan" is an enthusiast, a devotee, an admirer a supporter, a lover, a follower, a disciple, a connoisseur and yes perhaps a zealot. You go to the games to relax, or to cheer or support your team. They win or are winning and the spirits are high and life is grand. They play bad or they are losing and you still are there to support and represent your team...wait, uhhh, no! Because you are a true fan...a diehard supporter of the team, the city or university you get angry, embarrassed or whatever, and you get up in a huff and walk out. So that is the definition of a "fan." I guess I am confused, I am the strange one for sticking it out and supporting the team to the bitter end; good, bad or ugly. And oh yes, Saturday was both bad and ugly. Perhaps the moniker of the "greatest fans" is correct for good ol Nebraska, because the greatest fans in college football got up and walked out on the team...again! Why, I guess many fans wanted to show someone how upset they are. Really...because again, that is what a "fan" of a team and a program does.
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    Agreed - I think we'll still get the Kansas-Kentucky type games, as ESPN will pay for them for some December programming. But NU-Cincinnati type H/H series are all but gone, which is unfortunate. Or you'll have to have a couple years in a row where you stop playing in the in-season tournaments, which is also unfortunate. I imagine this could push the start of conference season to just before Xmas, rather than just before New Year's as it is now - (at least in seasons where we aren't moving the B1G tournament up a week ) - so that would add another 2 games with no students and listless arenas, which also would be unfortunate. Perhaps they'll stick to this year's model and play the first two conference games in early December so students will be there? That would be better than starting B1G play Dec. 20/21/22.
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    I'd take them both. Heiman has a 3-point shot and can put the ball on the floor. Thamba looks like more of a Jordy-type center. I want the big man. I'd take 'em both.
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    Row6Seat10 (read in)

    oh and let me add FUCK CANCER.