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    Dean Smith

    2019 PF Zeke Nnaji

    So why was he always being guarded by someone 3 inches or more shorter than him?
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    2018 C Florent Thamba -> Baylor

    I think his name might be an anagram
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    Norm Peterson

    2019 PF Zeke Nnaji

    Actually, I think he's playing up. The other guy on his team, #15, is Jarvis Thomas, a 2018 prospect in the Rivals 150. The first few clips, it looks like he's playing against guys about his size. There are some clips where he's going up against someone shorter and I wonder if that was just a mismatch on a switch defensively. He has some work to do on his shot. I do not like the way his right, shooting hand crosses the center line of his body when he loads to shoot. He's basically shooting from his left eye, across his body, with his right elbow out and his right forearm up at about a 60* angle. Maybe even 45*. It works for Lonzo Ball but better mechanics will lead to better shooting for nearly everyone else. I'd hope he could get some film of just him shooting from various angles so that he can see what he looks like. He still has time to fix it.
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    Next Years Starting 5

    Maybe Miles said that just to keep his players on their toes.
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    Coach Williams Presser 10/9/17

    No worries, doctor playing it safe....she could lose the boot and play this afternoon if she had to.
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    Offseason Potpourri

    Some good stuff for all us hoops junkies today. Hopefully there'll be a podcast we can post here for those who missed it.
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    Very much want
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    Row6Seat10 (read in)

    oh and let me add FUCK CANCER.
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    Offseason Potpourri

    * Doc Sadler approves of the title of this segment.
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