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    Norm Peterson

    The Official Media Thread

    I've never felt constrained by what I don't know. I've always gone out on limbs with this basketball program based on what I know, what I think I know, what I can reasonably surmise, what I think I can potentially infer, what seems realistically plausible that I can sell with a straight face, what is within the realm of possibility guided by hopefulness ...
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    Norm Peterson

    The Official Media Thread

    I'll make a prediction: I don't think we lost as much as people fear we did and I think we gained more than most people realize. Losses: Webster Jacobson Morrow Horne Fuller Gains: Copeland Palmer Allen Akenten Okeke Thorbjarnarson The losses averaged less than 30% from 3; I'm going to guess the gains will be in the neighborhood of 35 to 37.5%. Four of the five guys in the loss category viewed themselves as guards/wings. Still couldn't hit over 30% from three. Okeke won't take a 3 pointer; the other five gains can all hit them pretty reliably. Neither Morrow nor Jacobson were likely to start this year. I haven't had them in my starting lineup projection since long before they announced they were leaving. Horne and Fuller both made good decisions to find better fits. Fuller might not have seen the floor this year; Horne was either an undersized 4 or an underathletic 3 and will fit in much better at the level of a Tulsa. Copeland has been penciled in as a starter ever since he transferred and Palmer is also a strong candidate to start. Webster is the only guy on the list of losses who would have been a likely starter if he'd had another year and came back. And even Tai had his shortcomings. Some of his turnovers were just dizzying. And his perimeter offense was a weakness. He'd still probably be the best perimeter defender on the team, so I don't want to understate his value. Yet, we pretty well sucked at perimeter defense last year so we probably couldn't be much worse than we are.
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    Saw tweets both Jeff Goodman and Rob Dauster discussing Patton parting ways with Andrew Miller and the fact that this past year was the first which Omaha Sports Academy (Patton's AAU team) was sponsored by Adidas. Not a whole lot of that has to do with Creighton. But we shall see where it goes.
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    I don't see the difference. Regardless, the player gets paid - to come to your school (that doesn't mean he might not get paid more to go to another school). It doesn't make any difference who is doing the paying,the school gets the benefit of the player going there. As long as the school has knowledge that a player is getting paid, by whomever, or reason to suspect that a player may be getting paid to come to their school, the school is complicit.
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    Jess Shepard

    I think she's a freshman as are the other two commits she was talking about. All three 2021 commits. A big plus for Cook in recruiting top talent is his ability to coach them to become top international players and Olympians. No present women's college volleyball coach can compare in this area.
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    A quicky in the sack with Lindy

    Ahh, brings back old memories. Actually, I remember finding it a bit intimidating when he was singing directly to us and so we left after a couple of numbers...and then felt guilty about that.
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    Rumors starting to swirl about Creighton being next on the hit list. Be interesting to see if any truth to them.
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    A friend of mine and a Louisville fan posted a "pity-the-poor-Cardinal-fan" plea on Facebook last night: "We may be mediocre to bad for a full decade. Woe is us. Don't gloat because this could be you." I had to smile.
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    2018 G Xavier Johnson - Decommit to Pitt

    I don't think anyone doubts Miles and his staff ability to recruit. It being able to convert the talent to wins on the court that is the issue.