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    Chuck Taylor

    Eichorst Out

    "Other Husker Sports"
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    Eichorst Out

    It's pretty hard to separate because the athletic department is driven by football. If we went to the tourney last year and even won a game, would Eichorst still have a job? Maybe but probably not. The hire is going to be driven by football. It's hard to get away from it and obviously most of us are fans of all of the Nebraska teams here. I personally just gloss over the discussion of what offense the next football coach might run at the point we might need another coach because what does that even matter here and now? But it's the offseason and everyone here is pretty good about moderating themselves without requiring much input from me.
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    If those guys had access to a time machine they'd use it to not hire Rick Johnson
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    Anton Gill

    This seems like an appropriate place to include the only Creighton news I have read (and it was a fluke... someone re-tweeted it that covers college hoops right now).... so here's to a Blue Jay obsessing on a Husker message board.
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    @hskr4life you hit the nail on the head with that one.
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    Jacob Padilla

    Next Years Starting 5

    Talked to Thomas Allen among others today. The 6'1" he's listed at is generous. He'll probably play some with Watson, but for those expecting him to start at the 2, it is probably going to be hard to defend a lot of Big Ten backcourts with a Watson-Allen duo. He says he's a point guard.
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    I would think Coach a Williams will be a little nervous. Eichorst didn't conduct much of a search in selecting her, similar to Riley.
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    No, not inappropriate. Smiling today: Bo, Yori, Dr. Tom. Not smiling: Harv.
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    The energy bus has four flat tires.