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    Hump Day Motivation

    I got my Masters at UNL this month and walking across that stage was the 2nd greatest moment I've experienced at PBA behind No Sit Sunday.
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    Norm Peterson

    Hump Day Motivation

    That makes one of you.
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    No news is good news

    The easy answer is that I want players who perform when they are here. It is sexy having them highly rated, and it certainly brings smiles to our faces when top recruits are landed, but bottom line is performance on the court.
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    Hump Day Motivation

    Ran across this little guy. Got me all sorts of fired up today. The best moment of that game has to be the Petteway deep ball early. So loud... So proud. The best quote certainly goes to Kenny P with "Let's twerk... let's go dancin"
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    And question for the board in general: but do any of you actually want Jack to transfer? I periodically see people claim that "others" want Jack gone (heck, I may have even blamed those terrible "others" from time to time...) but I don't think I've actually heard/seen anyone actually say it. It's always The Other Guy. Just curious.
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    But they were kind of asked to do different things, no? Tai came in playing mostly PG, on a team with three volume scorers. He wasn't asked to jack up a bunch of threes, especially early in his career, and was at BEST the #4 option behind Petteway, Pitch, and Shields. His early role was really one of taking care of the ball and playing D. Jack came in as a shooter. You can live with his shortcomings on defense as long as he's making up for it on the offensive end. If he was a lock down defender and solid ball handler, then his shooting slumps would be easier to pallet...but I don't think it's a stretch to say that he is both a below average defender and below average ball handler. There's still absolutely a role for Jack on this team, and hopefully a large one where he's draining treys. But I don't think comparing his statistics with Tai's proves that.
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    Tai Webster Minutes/avg/season: 22.8; 18.4; 27.7; 34.7 Points/avg/season: 3.9; 3.9; 10.1; 17.0 Career 3s attempted (4 seasons): 283. Career 3s made: 79. Total minutes through first two seasons: 1280 Jack McVeigh Minutes/avg/season: 17.0; 22.9 Points/avg/season: 4.8; 7.5 Career 3s attempted (2 seasons): 239. Career 3s made: 81. Total minutes through first two seasons: 1265 Just musing.
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    Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    Hey I just replied to an comment in the article that concerned me.
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    Considering the team ranked 303rd in the nation in 3-pt defense (or something terrible like that) I don't think the rest of the guys have probably distanced themselves from Jack defensively to any great degree.
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    Thorir Thorbjarnarson is N!

    It looks like they've finally decided what to do with Thorir Thorbjarnarson's uniform...