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    Offseason Potpourri

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    Chuck Taylor

    2018 F Aguir Agau -> Fresno St.

    His best offers seem to be Colorado and Wash State, so not like he's not good enough for us. The Sudanese community seems to have a growing impact on these kids' future, i.e. the Luol Deng camps and organization. Maybe they're steering kids to the Pac 12 (like Chang)? And maybe we're out of the picture after the Aguek situation? Dunno, just a random Sunday morning theory before trying to figure out which wolf was in the Game of Thrones trailer.
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    2018 F Aguir Agau -> Fresno St.

    Has Nebraska not recruited this Agau?!
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    Rusty Ruffcorn

    This video is tough to watch and listen to.