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    Handy Johnson

    Our 3rd Place NIT Team

    All sarcasm aside, having our former players come back and remain involved in the Program is a good thing, a very good thing. I've been in many places over the years and asked to have the ball game turned on only to hear the same old tired joke,"Nebraska has a Basketball team?" Yeah they do. It's important that players come back and remind the team AND the fans that Nebraska basketball MEANS something. It has a history, a history that goes way beyond the move to the Haymarket. Being a Husker football fan is easy, anyone can do that. But being a Husker basketball fan is different. It requires a love for the game and an emotional investment that most people aren't willing to make. So, let's beat Illinois on Sunday and Go Big Red!
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    Our 3rd Place NIT Team

    A nice piece on what playing at Nebraska meant to Aleks Maric: http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211501897
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    Should be Corn Whiskey.
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    Welcome back, big guy. You are a class act and an ambassador for Nebraska where ever you go.
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    2017 Nebraska Baseball

    Sorry, I meant, losing the 2 games to rain. Hurts the team not to get some game action in, especially early in the season.
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    Sorry, I always get my 6's and 9's mixed up.
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    WBB Game # 27 @ Michigan

    Is there some reason Grace doesn't get more minutes? She hit a nice shot early and then seemed to disappear. She always seems to give good effort.
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    WBB Game # 27 @ Michigan

    matt coatney during his broadcast stated that this was not unexpected from michigan. coach williams and the huskers prepared for this earlier. wasn't really a shock this squad still had a "clunker" left in them. what was a little surprising is how bad the defensive effort was in that first half, especially first quarter. some of the passing was a head scratcher--------my gosh, riley, what were you seeing? defender glued to one side of jess and the other one practically standing right smack in front of jess and you try to throw it into jess? she didn't try a lob pass, a bounce pass? don't mean to pick on riley, because there were plenty of examples from other players. just one that really stuck out to me. anyway, huskers just dug themselves waaaaaaaay to big a hole right from the start. clawed back to get it to 15 and whitish took a 3---in and out. even if that went in, i didn't see the huskers pulling a rabbit out of the hat, but, maybe they could have made the score a little more respectable. one other thing that i think really made a difference, nicea had maybe one of her worst games. ended up, this was just a season the huskers couldn't afford that to happen. for allie's and esther's sake, hope we don't see that on senior day. going to be tough, though.
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    The BIG 10 vs. The NCAA

    It's because he doesn't wear clothes, basically. Generally speaking, Disney animals that wear clothes speak. Those that don't wear clothes generally don't speak.