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    HHCC Standings - End of Week 11

    I think @HuskerFever needs to email Ken to let him know about this...
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    Injury front

    Wisconsin goes Under Armour when they get the chance...all the 1/2 size shoes of their choosing! Meanwhile, Barry hires Eichorst at Nebraska and we extend our Addidas contract to 2018. Coincidence? I think not.
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    Injury front

    Must be the shoes
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    The frustration is that we are in every game. The frustration is that we seem to be right on the cusp of something big. The frustration is with the loss of these close games when everyone can recognize that we are only a few plays each game from being really, really good. The frustration IS NOT with the talent, effort, coaching or lack of a future. So as frustrated as I am, for as disappointed I am; I know, I really know that our future is bright. I am not trying to show a direct correlation, but in 1989-90 our record sucked(10-18), but you could see the talent. We then won a school-record 26 games, with only eight losses, in 1990-91. We are soooo very close this year, can next year be the turn around year???
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    Hard to support any one player as "the most important." But we have found that we have not won without Ed. I would guess however, that we would also have the same issue without Glynn, Tai and possibly MJ. Hard to win when you have multiple injuries and/or transfers sitting out as well. Just to make one additional mention, and I hate to write this, but I am disappointed with the growth of our freshmen this year. At this point of the season I thought they would be much further along. The inconsistency and rookie mistakes are taking a toll. If they step up, the injury to Ed would have less of an effect.
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    Think we hit rock bottom fellas

    Hey where did that picture of my butt come from? Damn sons must have taken it and put it on the web.
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    WBB: Game #19 vs Michigan

    What are WOVERINES?
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    OT: Unrest @ Wichita St.

    On another note, kind of a funny story. We took our visit to CU Boulder and coach Linda Lappe - who was let go at the end of last season - seemed very pleasant. She wanted Nicea really bad. Which was understandable bc Nicea was the #2 player in Colorado and it would've been great to sign a homegrown kid to her program. We knew she was on the hot seat and we asked her and the AD about that on the visit. They both assured us she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon at all. Anyway, at the end of the visit she wanted Nicea to verbally commit, but we refused bc we told her we were going to Nebraska the following weekend and we'd decide after that visit. So the night before we're set to go to NU Coach Lappe calls Nicea at about 10p and I can see Nicea has a kind of worried look on her face. I ask her what's wrong and she says Coach Lappe said if I go on the trip to Nebraska she's taking the scholarship offer away. Needless to say that conversation pretty much took CU out of the equation bc I was not going to have a coach bully Nicea before she's even one of her players. Coach Lappe had another losing season and was let go, and I'm sure she's not an ugly person, but the pressure had her acting otherwise. We obviously made the right choice with Nebraska and in spite of our current struggles winning, Nicea loves everything about being a Husker! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    Fire Miles Talk (complete BS)

    I know all you guys think I'm a "negative Nellie" and here to bash Miles, BUT even I think we should wait to see how things go at the end of next season!!!
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    Through seven games...

    With two kicks in the nuts... that means they have no more nuts to kick! That means no more of these games.