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    There's really not much to evaluate in this one. One team settled for a soft, WNBA/Euro-style offense focused on jump shots. That team shot 30 free throws. The other team was the aggressor offensively for 40 minutes, with the vast majority of its points made in the paint through contact. That team shot 5 free throws. We could talk the impact of Ed's absence, missed opportunities, and turnovers, but all of those things combined are not nearly as important as the unbalanced officiating.
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    You know, I've always hated Ride of the Valkyries.
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    I like the way the team keeps competing. A few careless turnovers were costly. Sometimes our guards try to do too much but they are the driving force to this team. Wins are never going to be easy.
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    Michigan outscored us 59 to 31 from 3 and the free throw line.
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    Don't know what will happen, but we deserve to lose right now. Terrible d and bad ball handling
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    He didn't fall down when Walton pushed off at the top of the arc and for his temerity of.playing solid defense he was whistled.
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    This game is really pissing me off. Between Wagner's stupid smirk and the refs' not-so-hidden agenda, I'm getting pretty mad.
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    Umm... that's called a box out
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    Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-7) vs Michigan Wolverines (11-6) Date: Saturday Jan. 14 Time: 1:00 pm CST Arena: Crisler Center TV Broadcast: BTN Michigan Info Head Coach: John Beilein Location: Ann Arbor, MI Conference: B1G Nickname: Wolverines Last time out: Lost at Illinois Typical Rotation Depth: 8+ Line: Michigan by 9 Tempo: One of the slowest in Div 1 Style: High 3pt attempt 4 Factors Good: Not turning the ball over, not fouling, shooting 4 Factors Bad: Gives up offensive rebounds, doesn't draw contact Four Factors Effective FG%: 55.6 24 52.5 256 50.2 Turnover %: 14.2 5 19.5 135 19.0 Off. Reb. %: 27.2 253 27.9 105 29.7 FTA/FGA: 28.2 316 26.8 30 35.2 Michigan has been noted for their lack of physicality and aggression this season. These are the type of numbers you'd expect to see for that type of team. Michigan Most frequently used lineup 10 Derrick Walton 6-1 190 Sr 12 Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman 6-4 190 Jr 21 Zak Irvin 6-6 215 Sr 5 DJ Wilson 6-10 240 So 13 Moritz Wagner 6-11 240 So 30.2 You'll see most of this lineup on the court all day as Michigan doesn't dig too deep into the bench for minutes. Nebraska Starting Lineup Odds/Miles Explanation Roby 1/1 - Isaiah has been playing good minutes for us at the 4 over the last several games McVeigh 1/1 - We wanted to go with Jack's experience and shooting to start the game Tshimanga 1/3 - We wanted to counter the size Michigan throws at you Horne 1/8 - We wanted to set the tone offensively and Jeriah has been practicing really well Fuller 1/15 - Nick has been practicing really well and we wanted his strength and experience on the road While it's tempting to bet Jack here with his shooting and experience, I'm going Roby given how much inside he's played lately plus his zone busting ability which is something Michigan will throw at Nebraska today. Player to Watch: Zak Irvin Michigan's roster is almost the opposite of Nebraska's, comprised mostly of guards and PF/C types. 6'6" senior Irvin is really the only SF type player on the roster and he leads the team in mid-range jumpers. You can see a pattern where the Wolverines typically go as he does. Miles Presser Jacobson/Roby Presser The Skinny Michigan is a team that offensively has been killing it all year, running the typical slow death by 3 offense that Beilein has successfully run his entire career. He has one of the tallest teams in Div 1 and all those guys will light you up from outside. Defensively it's been another story as this tall Michigan can't stop anyone at the rim plus everyone is killing them from outside, especially in conference. In this anyone can beat anyone B1G conference, Michigan might be the most beatable unbeatable team. Nebraska had to feel pretty good a week ago coming into this game as an anchor of Morrow and Jordy in the lane had given them enough to compete in games against high volume 3pt teams. Ed's foot injury will have the Huskers scrambling defensively in the paint. It seems like something for the Wolverines to exploit but is that soft team ready to put in some work for its points? Offensively, look for Nebraska to once again be limited in transition points and FT attempts, having to rely on driving to the rim and 3pt shooting to win. Expect plenty of zone to counteract the aggressiveness of Nebraska and Michigan's lack of on-ball defense. More Horne and McVeigh seemed inevitable in this game before losing Morrow. At some point this season you expect Michigan to start caring enough defensively to win some games. Is it this game? Offensively you need the sort of effort you had at Indiana. Can you do that without Ed Morrow chewing up the paint? Prediction: Michigan 76 - Nebraska 69 View full article
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