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    There's really not much to evaluate in this one. One team settled for a soft, WNBA/Euro-style offense focused on jump shots. That team shot 30 free throws. The other team was the aggressor offensively for 40 minutes, with the vast majority of its points made in the paint through contact. That team shot 5 free throws. We could talk the impact of Ed's absence, missed opportunities, and turnovers, but all of those things combined are not nearly as important as the unbalanced officiating.
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    I like the way the team keeps competing. A few careless turnovers were costly. Sometimes our guards try to do too much but they are the driving force to this team. Wins are never going to be easy.
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    Michigan outscored us 59 to 31 from 3 and the free throw line.
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    I would've liked to see Horne also, but in a game where offense came easy and they were searching for defensive answers... I get why he didn't see the floor. There was one rotation in the first half in particular where he was way out of position. Guessing that was a contributing factor.
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    It's a "Blues Brothers" allusion, but sure, why not?
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    here come the trolls!!!!!
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    This was a disaster game. We just were never on top of our game. We were playing just good enough to stay close. Three pointers and free throw differential was SIGNIFICANT. Sad. Sad. Sad.
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    Yes, he's only been very slow on a few key defensive possessions. Look, I think the guy is a fikin stud and understand why he's used the way he is, I'm just saying I think it'd benefit him to get a little softer assignment a few minutes a game.
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    we need to put fuller back in to choke slam that Wagner dude. Don't even care if he gets suspended