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    Brief scout of Clemson

    Not a particularly great shooting or attacking team. Their primary offense appears to be a dribble drive look with shooters spotting up and their 5 man relocating around the rim to find a spot for a pass or offensive rebound. If just trying to take their man off the dribble doesn't work then they will set a ball screen and have a screen away from the ball at the same time to keep the backside defenders busy. All it is for them is trying to get an advantage on their man and create a need for the defense to help. However, from what I have seen if the defense does a good job of staying with their man and not over-helping, Clemson will absolutely shoot contested shots and most of those being 3's. So far in the half court, 35% of Clemson's shots have been contested and on those they are only shooting 32%. Stop the drive, we give ourselves a great chance to win. Also, their center Djitte can and will shoot up to 18ft if we sag off of him. Defensively, their perimeter players will come out and challenge the ball because they trust that their center Djitte will protect the rim. However, if he gets into foul trouble their isn't much behind him that will come in and patrol the paint in the same way. Ball movement, screens, slips, and cuts to the basket will all be very important for our offense to be successful tonight. Final thoughts: After watching the film, unless we just come out uninspired or shoot 25% for the game I think we win. Our gap-oriented defense will shut down driving lanes and force Clemson into contested 3's which they aren't particularly good at. The key here is that we CAN NOT OVER-HELP. As soon as we do that, they will cut to the rim for scores or shoot wide open jump shots. Offensively for us, We should be able to get past their guards reliably all game. The key is to not bury ourselves under the rim on drives to the point where we can't score and there aren't any good passing lanes. We have to drive looking to score/create contact or drive looking for the kick. Overall, I think this is a much better match up than people think and if we can hit the 3 at a good clip, don't be surprised to see a 10+ point win.
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    Good Brian Rosenthal article in Huskers.com. Very similar themes to the ones mentioned in the "What are we making from this weekend?" and other threads. Didn't know this was the first time ever playing Clemson. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211329599
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    Game Day Essentials: Game #7 vs Clemson

    Nebraska Cornhuskers (4-2) at Clemson Tigers (3-2): B1G-ACC Challenge Date: Wednesday Nov. 29 Time: 8:15 pm CST Arena: Littlejohn Coliseum Broadcast: ESPNU Web: ESPN3/Watchespn.com (you need to have an ESPNU cable subscription to make this work) Clemson Info Head Coach: Brad Brownell Location: Clemson, SC Conference: ACC Nickname: Tigers Mascot: "The Tiger" Last time out: Beat High Point Typical Rotation Depth: 6-8 Line: Clemson by 11 Tempo: Middling to Slow Style: High assist/3pt heavy 4 Factors: Struggling to shoot and defend. Aggressive on offensive boards, not on defense. Not putting you on the FT Line Four Factors Effective FG%: 49.7 190 52.5 247 50.0 Turnover %: 16.1 44 21.0 92 19.3 Off. Reb. %: 32.1 117 32.2 248 29.9 FTA/FGA: 39.5 115 23.0 17 36.2 Scouting Clemson Players to watch: Jaron Blossomgame Blossomgame decided to come back to Clemson for his senior year to up his draft stock. He's deadly on the drive as he finishes well with his quickness and strength, getting to the FT line often. If you can turn him into a jump shooter he's only hitting 24% of his shots outside of the paint. Blossomgame also represents the problem with Jack McVeigh at SF as he's not going to be fast enough to keep with JB. Will be interesting to see what sort of lineups we throw out there. Here are some videos about his strengths/weaknesses from NBA Scouts. (H/T to @uneblinstu) The Skinny Much like Nebraska, the Tigers have thus far had a tough schedule that saw them place 4th in a tournament, dropping games to Xavier and Oklahoma after easily handling Davidson. With Senior Blossomgame plus a decent group of transfers this might be the best roster that Brad Brownell has put together at Clemson and a team with post season aspirations. On the plus side Clemson does have limited depth as they essentially had a 6 man rotation up until last week when probable starting PG Shelton Mitchell played his first 11 minutes of the season. Clemson mitigates this depth through a combination of a slower tempo plus generally keeping out of foul trouble. The Tiger offense is generally Blossomgame attacking the rim, 6'10" senior center Sidy Djitte as an occasional inside look and the rest of the team ready to shoot from outside. You can sit there and look at who has the better 3 pt percentages all day long but you should pay more attention to the high and fairly evenly distributed attempts that tell you keying on one player isn't the answer. The Huskers need to figure out how to minimize the damage of Blossomgame while not just giving the rest of the team rhythm looks which any of those guys will hit. Making sure that you make it painful for JB to receive the ball anywhere inside the 3pt line is a start. One other thing to mention is changing the defensive strategy if there is a point that JB decides to just take over. You don't need to cover everyone when a guy turns into a black hole. On offense how aggressive will Nebraska be against Djitte. He's a guy who will let you body into him to draw fouls and has the length to alter/block your shot if you try to finesse it. Is Webster capable of beating his man and drawing that kind of contact? Can he find Morrow or Jacobson when the team collapses on him? Is anyone else up to that challenge. The Huskers can suck out defenders by taking/hitting from 3 but the game plan works a lot better when you suck them in first with that drive. When Miles has to talk about the offense after a loss it almost always includes a section about not attacking the rim as it's always our primary goal. We all saw what this team can do when it shows up for 40 minutes vs Dayton and what it does when it doesn't show up for 40 vs Virginia Tech. The Huskers don't typically fair too well on the road though you have to think the enthusiasm level of this football school to draw an unglamorous Nebraska team should keep the crowd noise down. There will be chances to steal some points tonight via pressure and crashing the offensive boards but at the end of the day it will be all about how Nebraska defends this team. Can we hold them in the low 70s or below? That's how Nebraska wins a game like this on the road. Prediction: Clemson 72 - Nebraska 67 View full article
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    Every time I see this thread bumped to the top I hear the dude's voice (at the 30 second mark) in my head:
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    2016-17 Husker opponents

    "We do this to ourselves every year, especially after Creighton lays a turd in one of their games leading up to playing us. McDermott is just sandbagging again, like always, right before he gets his guys to put in their best performance of the year to date against us. It always seems to happen that this early December game is where they shift into 5th gear in preperation for conference play." hahaha ya I really wish at least some of this post was inaccurate @49r
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    2016-17 Husker opponents

    c'mon @khoock and @OmahaHusker don't fall into that same hopeful trap...we do this to ourselves every year, especially after Creighton lays a turd in one of their games leading up to playing us. McDermott is just sandbagging again, like always, right before he gets his guys to put in their best performance of the year to date against us. It always seems to happen that this early December game is where they shift into 5th gear in preperation for conference play. Maybe some of that is on us, who knows, but I have no doubt in my mind that this year will be no different. They're gonna own us...they're gonna ride us hard and long and dry and have us begging for mercy by the time it's all over. We'll be lucky to keep within 30 of them. Mark it down.
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    B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    Maryland is the only home team to lose so far on either side. I have a B1G team in mind that it'd be great to see win on the road tomorrow to make up for the turtles loss. Tuesday Results (Series tied 4-4) Pitt 73, at Maryland 59 at Penn St 67, Georgia Tech 60 at Wisconsin 77, Syracuse 60 at Notre Dame 92, Iowa 78 at Illinos 88, NC State 74 at Duke 78, Michigan St 69 Wednesday 11/30 Purdue at Louisville, 6 pm – ESPN Virginia Tech at Michigan, 6 pm – ESPN2 Rutgers at Miami, 6 pm – ESPNU North Carolina at Indiana, 8 pm – ESPN Ohio St at Virginia, 8 pm – ESPN2 Nebraska at Clemson, 8 pm – ESPNU Monday Results at Florida St 75, Minnesota 67 at Northwestern 65, Wake Forest 58\
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    So does McVeigh and Gill. Look at the stats against good competition. ill take my chances with Roby from 3 over either of those two.
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    And some of us just plain expect to win against good not great teams. "Next year" is getting old again. Hard to believe that Miles had failed to recruit a true 3 point shooter on this roster.
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    Tigers 81 NU 63 2-3 zone