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    Husker Power

    I was working security for the game, sitting directly behind the twolves bench, that was pretty cool. Got a change to meet Jordy, i'm 6'5 300+ and he made me feel really small, gonna like that guy. After the game got a chance to chat with Bud Crawford, one of the nicest guys ive ever met, you'd never know that he is the world champ, so down to earth.
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    Miles 10/5/2016 Presser

    Tai to me seems like the ultimate big brother to a big family of boys the basketball culture at nebraska has just changed I'm sure I've said this somewhere on this site before But im expecting better than what we are being picked We will compete And this yr I got my shades https://youtu.be/8qrriKcwvlY Sent from my LGUS992 using Tapatalk
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    Illinois arena reconstruction

    That and it is on the floor, which could cause trouble for visiting teams till they get the hang of getting around it. I am sure the Illini will be very good at home this year.
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    This is a good one to listen to. Also, Morrow is going against Jordy during practice and "Jacobson has moved from the 5 to the 4". That's what stuck out to me as well...confirming MJ is going to be the man at the 4. So our starting lineup looks like 1. Watson 2. Gill 3. Tai 4. MJ 5. Morrow?
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    This is a good one to listen to. Also, Morrow is going against Jordy during practice and "Jacobson has moved from the 5 to the 4".
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    Illinois arena reconstruction

    I would imagine it has a finer pixel pitch than our PBA scoreboard, the screens look bigger and the cylinder section at the bottom is most definitely bigger, but yes, the overall layout is pretty much identical.
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    You're fine. So, Jake, what are *your* thoughts on the non-con? I think that they have a shot to win multiple games out in Anaheim which would be big even if they don't win the tournament. I think they have a very good shot at Creighton due to the fact that this is probably the most athletic team Miles has had. The Watson v. Watson matchup is gonna be a doozy. Kansas game is going to be rough, but I agree with whoever said it could end up like Nova last year where we look like we could pull it off early but then run out of gas. This Kansas team is drawing rave reviews nationally and some are even calling it Self's most talented team. The Phog is like Fort Knox, very few who come in make it out. We should be hoping to leave Lawrence with a moral victory. But overall I think this team has the chance to make some statements in Anaheim and against the school up I80.
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    clear bag policy

    My elderly mother, who doesn't get to Lincoln much at all, had sharp words for a PBA employee asking to look into her purse when we attended LPS graduation ceremonies this past May. "Nobody is going to tell me what I can and cannot have in my purse!" as she tried to maneuver past the employee using her cane. Fearful that she may hit the employee with her cane, I calmly said "Mom, please open the top of your purse and everything will be fine." But I heard about it for a good 2 hours after that. LOL
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    Nebrasketball Article on ESPN

    In reality, Milan H.S. only had a 26 year old head coach in his 2nd year of coaching hoops. There was not an assistant coach on the team in '54.