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    His dad will probably have him decommit after that blunder since it may hurt his draft stock
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    The White family has known Andrew was going to attend Syracuse for over a month now, but committing then wouldn't have resulted in maximum publicity, of course.
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    LOL, the first pic of AW3 on Syracuse.Com is a pic of Watson finishing with the left hand taking contact against Maryland, something AW3 isn't good at! They say it's White instead of Watson.
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    Seems like most objective people can see that this whole circus is more of an AW3 / his dad issue, rather than a Tim Miles / Nebrasketball issue. I don't have any "inside sources" with any agendas telling me that, so take it for what it's worth. It has been suggested that AW3 left because he was tired of the Tim Miles act. That's looking to be a little far-fetched at this point. I think it's pretty obvious that a lot of people (including Miles) are just getting a little tired of the AW3 act (and maybe more specifically his dad's act).
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    I just have to say how immensely pleased I am they have the wrong picture on their website. Such a well known, NBA talent, that a no name freshman is mistaken for him. Best of luck to ya AWIII, but I can't help but feel this is all a very silly, ugly look on you. Hope it all works out.
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    And would have required AWIII to take part in team workouts
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    Wait until they see him dribble under pressure.
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    Dimes called this... What maybe a Burno ago?
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    Seat yourself process 16-17

    Aksarben, I think you might be mistaken here. From my understanding no priority points are needed to keep seats that you currently have. Priority points only help you to move up in line when it comes time to request new seats. Once you have seats, you only have to pay the ticket price plus the listed donation ($0, $50, $100, etc.) to keep those seats. If you've been told something different, that's not what I was told by people at the ticket office. My tickets are up in the 300 level and require no donation, so you certainly know more about the process than I do, but I did inquire about donations this year with the ticket office.
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    The 2016 Transfer Thread

    6'8 195lbs SF. 4 star Top 100 recruit according to ESPN. OOOHHH, damn...if only he was just an inch shorter!!! So close. Oh well... Pass.