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    I would say the four freshmen, Tai, and Andrew
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    The amount of injuries sustained by the womens basketball team at NU is ridiculous! IMO,Eichorst and Boehm should be giving this situation their utmost attention. Trainers,coaches and the administrators need to put their heads together and figure out why this has been going on for literally years. I would hope that the attention this situation merits would have been a focal point long ago,and it probably has. The problem,once again,IMO, with the womens bball program,is a lack of information available to the fans.Like I said, this injury situation HAS to have been addressed hasn't it? The problem is we obviously aren't privy to information regarding the team.To me, as an avid fan of the team,it's maddening! I suspect others are frustrated as well. As an example,in regards to the football team, there are several sites one can visit and find out how the daily practices went,who stood out,who needs to step it up,INJURIES,perceived depth charts,what recruits we're after etc. I understand the difference in interest level between football and womens basketball is extreme to say the least,but would it kill someone,maybe a coach, to share some info with their fans? There are 4-8 thousand fans at home games,plus a ton of others, that would just like to know more about the team they follow and care about. End of rant.
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    UNO: 2 Numbers

    120. 609. For some reason, UNO was the darling of many on the main board this year. Some even contended UNO would beat the Huskers. I noted a couple of months ago that it doesn't play defense. Several posters objected to that thought. One true believer even suggested that giving up a lot of points isn't indicative of poor defense. Well, I could still be the one who is wrong, but UNO gave up 120 last night to end its season. It was flashy, scoring 80 points in the second half. But it's still a loss. One other highlight of the UNO-Duquesne game: Attendance(game was in Pittsburgh) was 609. Somebody lost some money on that one.
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    Dead Dog Alley

    How successful we are ...

    The five teams with the weakest interior play in the Big Ten were Rutgers, Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, and Penn State. That's a pretty strong correlation with who finished in the last five spots in the conference. (100%)
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    Both if you can. as of right now, we can only add 1. could change in the next couple weeks, but right now it's 1 I doubt Miles is recruiting like he only has 1 scholorship to give. If he can find a good freshmen big and a guy who could average 12&7 he's going to make room for them IMO.
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    How successful we are ...

    Both if you can.
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    I bet he's a perfect fit for the system they run...
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    Considering the fact that Shavon and Benny will be leaving the program, and Roby and Horne will be replacing them...couldn't it technically be said that roster turnover is already a guarantee? Pedantic, I know, and I realize that's not what Rosenthal meant, nor do I think that's what Miles meant in his response, but still. "Roster turnover" happens every year.
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    NCAA and NIT

    Something tells me we draw less than that for a CBI game. Also, was the turnaround in schedule too fast for them to do a groupon?
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    Do you guys really think that teams are stalling that much in high school basketball today? I see a lot of games and don't see it as an issue. I always felt that if you have guards that are good enough to stall for long periods, they are good enough to score. I think it is part of the game and like to watch disciplined teams look for good shots. The game is not always just for the fans. To me it is like telling a football team that running the ball is boring so you have to pass on every down.